Keys to a good online advertising design

online advertising design

This has a double aspect, that of much more “democratized” advertising and, at the same time, much more demanding in terms of its appearance anddesign. As a result, many companies now advertise their products and services through websites and apps. Online advertisingis a form of advertising that is displayed on the Internet and appears on web pages.

This change is due in part to technological advances that allow advertisers to reach their target audience wherever they are.

Onlineadvertisingis oftenmore recognizable than traditional ads. They also have the ability to be interactive ads, or clickable ads. This type of advertising makes it possible for consumers to interact more with the ad. And it is that online ads allow users to click on them to access more information about a product or service that is advertised, such as reading a blog post or watching a video.

What exactly is online advertising?

Onlineadvertising is a marketing technique that uses electronic devices to display advertisements on websites, applications and social networks. Internet advertising can also be defined as aform ofcommunicationand marketingin which advertisers use online channels to interact with their customers.

It is usually used to attract traffic to web pages or other media on the Internet, generally with the aim of converting the traffic generated into sales or potential customers by companies, which take great care of their designs. In recent years there has been avery rapid increase in video in online advertising, as well as rich content.

This form of marketing is a great alternative to traditional advertising, not only because it allows analysis and relevant data about campaigns, but also because it is much easier and cheaper to implement. Naturally,online advertising must respond to thecharacteristics of the designso that it is one hundred percent effective.

There are two different types of online advertising: paid ads (also called PPC) where the advertiser pays for each click on an ad; and organic ads (called SEO) in which the advertiser does not pay, but instead tries to rank well on search engine results pages (SERPs). And that’s what we’re going to talk about next.

Types of online advertising

Online advertising can be classified into three main types:contextual ads, affiliate marketing and SEM.

Contextual Ads– These are ads that appear on a web page based on the content of the site. Contextual advertising is aform of behavioral advertising, which means that ads are more likely to be relevant to a user’s interests. The history of contextual advertising dates back to 1995, when Yahoo! The search engine launched ads as its first sponsored link.

Affiliate Marketing– is a type of online advertising in which companies reward one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer generated by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

SEM– is a form ofonline marketing and advertisingthat focuses on creating, optimizing, and managing online search engine results for businesses. It not only seeks to generate more sales, but also to position itself in the first positions in Google.

Some good internet advertising campaigns

Brands are more than aware of the power ofdigital design, and ofadvertising, in any of its forms, on the internet.For this reason, we are going to leave you with some very good examples of campaigns that have had very good results. Let us begin.


The Swedish brand stands out for its immense creativity. In 2009 the chain wanted to promote a new store inMalmö, Sweden. That is why they launched a contest on Facebook in which they had to upload their showrooms with their own products from the store manager’s profile. People had to tag themselves with the product uploaded by the manager, and the first user to do so won. A greatexample of online advertising with minimal investment.

Kleenex campaign

The disposable tissue brand knows that people complain online. For this reason, his online advertising campaign consisted of looking for users who said they had colds and sent them a gift package with tissues and a card wishing them to recover.

Online advertising: Scrabble

If there is something good about games, it is that they can always be adapted to digital, as exemplified by thisonline advertising campaign for Scrabble.The brand used Twitter to carry it out, where they challenged users to create a sentence with the maximum possible points according to the rules of the game.The condition was that they could not exceed 140 Twitter characters.


You may not know these American burger joints. The point is that, in 2019, this franchise showedthat you can advertise online with a single tweet.

The tweet in question promised to add the spicy chicken nuggets back to its menu if it got 2 million likes.

Advantages of online advertising

There are many advantages inonline advertisingcompared to other formats that we can call traditional. For example, the first thing to mention isaccessibility. This means thatadvertising is always available, at all times.

Likewise,the cost of online advertisingcompared to othersis much lower, since in this case nothing has to be spent on impressions. On the other hand, the greatest advantage offered by this advertising is the possibility of measuring the results it has: impressions, clicks…

In short: online advertising is a tool that, if used well, can provide a large number of advantages to the companies that use it. And, in it, it is essential to create visual pieces that are of quality and attractive to the user’s eye.

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