Kids and Technology

Kids and Technology

Have you ever noticed your toddler using the mobile phone? Do you get surprised how quickly they figure out the buttons in the cell phone? Were you able to use cell phones with the same ease and confidence? We doubt!

Kids and Technology

Kids have been exposed to technology from infancy. They live, eat, drink and sleep technology as it is omnipresent. Kids of this generation are born with curiosity and affinity for technology. They make use of digital devices for their entertainment as well as to learn advanced concepts.

However, seeing the overuse of digital gadgets, parents are looking for feasible ways to reduce screen time with best screen time limit app. Kids are showing early signs of poor eyesight and physiological impairments. By far Parental control apps are the closest possible solution parents can leverage to discipline their kids.

Are kids ready for technology?

Ideally, children do not require technology. Resources are sufficient for entertainment and basic needs.

Apart from learning and educational reasons, we do not see any significant use of gadgets. Yet kids are ready for technology as digital freedom is essential for their overall development. Being at par with your age group is highly recommended.

Technology cannot be separated from kids, so Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) suggests creating a Family Media plan for the overall development of the family in health, education, and entertainment needs. Additionally, AAP requests parents to fill the role of “Media Mentor” to make media usage educational rather than destructive.

How will you judge if your child is ready for technology?

There are plenty of do’s and don’ts that can be followed while disciplining kids. However, making a wise decision about digital freedom can be tricky. Every child is unique; some show early signs of maturity while others are late.

Here are a couple of easy yet practical ways to monitor if your child is ready for technology:

  1. Understand their environment

Get a closer look into your kids surrounding, their friends. Many kids start using digital gadgets very early, creating peer pressure on other kids to do the same. It is not a good or bad habit to follow the crowd, but staying up to date with your peer is essential for self-confidence.

  1. Exchange views with other parents

Try and mix with your kid’s parents. Understand what steps are being enforced while introducing gadgets to kids. Convince each other to take slow steps. Connect with parents who are up to date with new technology.

  1. Talk to teachers

Teachers are unquestionably one of the best judges of your kids’ personality. Kids spend a good chunk of their day in school, doing interactive activities which speak for their maturity and intelligence. Regular feedbacks from teachers can be constructive to understand if your kid is wise enough to handle technological complications.

  1. Check your child’s maturity

Observe your child. Check for any objectional habits. If your kid gets edgy or frustrated easily, do not give access to digital devices soon. Let them make peace with their personality before entering the digital drama- because the digital world can be ruthless.

Any signs of eagerness to get digital devices is also a sign of immaturity. Be very careful before offering any device.

  1. Expose technology in baby steps

Do you give your kids everything they ask for? No, right!

Similarly, do not fulfil all their demands with technological gadgets. If they own a mobile phone, do not end up gifting another play station immediately. Encouraging unnecessary screen time can cause health issues.

Recognise your child’s reaction and changes around new gadgets. Baby steps in demand fulfilment teach responsibility to your kid.

  1. Observe your child closely

Observation is the key to making wise decisions. Your child sitting in front of you is ready or not for a digital device depends on how closely you know your child. Any sign of mischief or wrong habits needs to be handled first before thinking of giving digital freedom. Makes sense?

Parental control apps for Android

Before your kids are ready to use technology, are you prepared to counter any cyber mishaps or social media consequences with your kids? Ask yourself this question, before providing a gadget to your kid.

Being prepared and proactive is the best way to discipline your kids.

As soon as you hand over the latest Android phone to your kid on his thirteenth birthday, remember to download the best parental control app in your kid’s phone and yours.

All parents have rated bit guardian parental control app as a reliable. Parents are blindly downloading the app, after reading our fantastic track record. Smartly reduce your kid’s screen time using the app.

Does parental control app give me power over my kid’s online activities?

Your kid will be cautious online, knowing parents get every online activity on record.

Parental control app may be a nightmare for your kids. But digital freedom should not be confused with undue advantage at such an early age. As parents, it is your right to discipline your kids on their online platform, in the end, it is for the safety of kids.

Secure kids in a better and innovative way using the Bit guardian control app!

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