Managed DigitalOcean Services from MilesWeb for Online Business Growth in India

Online Business Growth in India with Managed DigitalOcean Services by MilesWeb

In India, cloud servers act like oxygen for businesses today. It’s not at all hype but they are certainly packed with several benefits that aren’t ignorable.

Prior to jumping on the benefits of cloud servers in India, have you ever thought why India wasn’t listed under desired locations a decade ago? The reasons are below:

  1. People weren’t (or too less) aware about hosting in India and benefits of low latency.
  2. In India, the cost of bandwidth wasn’t affordable (although it is still high but at least affordable than before). Due to this, hosting companies only offered services to banks and similar organizations at premium prices.
  3. The infrastructure state wasn’t up to the mark. But today, India houses TIER 4 data centers that offer high speed and connectivity.

Why Cloud Servers in India?

When it comes to the query why cloud servers in India or VPS hosting India, the main reason behind the decision is your audience base! Like VPS hosting servers cloud hosting servers also important for website hosting.

  1. Low Latency

There aren’t any users that want to waste their time on websites that run at turtle speed. In case your business has target audience from India, you can go for cloud server providers in India only. This is because a geolocated cloud server offers lesser hops and loads faster.

  1. SEO Benefits

Google has always highlighted the importance of fast-loading websites. In case, users leave your website due to its speed, it is most likely that your website won’t appear on first few SERPs.

  1. Apps Become Real-Time

With a geolocated cloud server your Indian user base will get enormous benefits. The apps will get loaded in seconds and few milliseconds will be needed for every action to perform, hence enhancing the user experience.

What Can You Do With Cloud Servers?

  1. Run Applications

People mostly prefer using cloud for running their websites and backend server of a mobile app. It is possible to easily scale based upon your growing requirements.

  1. Email

Similar to Gmail and Yahoo, there is a cloud email solution for every business too. When your website is hosted on the cloud, you don’t need to think about the capacity or server uptime that might vary from hosted low-cost email to managed servers for large enterprises.

  1. CRM

It is observed that businesses are hosting their website on cloud for critical tasks. One of the tasks is Customer Relationship Management that deals with two key aspects – customer data and revenue. When on the cloud, the backup and security risks are low.

  1. Live Streaming & Video on Demand

In case you are finding a way for the global delivery of all video formats, cloud servers are the best option available.

  1. Send Large Attachments

If you want to send large files, it can be a daunting task if you aren’t using cloud servers. Considering Dropbox, Send File and other apps for this won’t be good as it takes long time to send and receive files but with cloud it can be done at a lightning fast speed

MilesWeb DigitalOcean Cloud Hosting for Online Business Growth

Prior to moving to MilesWeb DigitalOcean hosting, let’s first learn about MilesWeb.

MilesWeb is one of the topmost web hosting companies of India and was started in 2012. They have a dedicated team of experienced persons that offers instant solutions to their customers. Whether you are a startup or an enterprise, you will find all types of hosting solutions with them to cater your needs.

Why Select MilesWeb DigitalOcean Cloud?

Let’s now check the reasons for selecting MilesWeb DigitalOcean Cloud.

Complete Management

When you have your website hosted on MilesWeb’s cloud servers, you don’t need to worry about your cloud management and security. Due to this, you will save your time and energy needed to manage it on your own. This time can be used in running and boosting your business.

Expert Advice

Their cloud experts will help you in selecting an appropriate plan depending on your website requirement.


They will optimize and enhance your cloud server for giving your website a better performance.

System Monitoring

Your DigitalOcean server resources such as CPU and bandwidth are monitored by their team regularly. Due to this, there are no chances of your website getting crashed due to sudden traffic spikes on your site. The incoming traffic on your website is kept a close watch.

Server Maintenance

Due to high experience of server maintenance, their team can easily manage all the daily operations and maintenance of your server. They make sure that the server runs smoothly without any hassles and no technical queries occur that may affect your website.

Data Protection

Continuous monitoring of the files on the server is done to avoid any risk of the web attackers. Your data backup is taken daily to avoid any loss of data if accidental errors occur. You can restore this data whenever required.

Regular Updates

You don’t need to worry about installation of updates as updates are installed regularly to keep your server’s software updated. There is no need to worry about manual download and installation of these updates.


Their team constantly tracks the server vulnerability so that your website stays away from any spyware, malware and unwanted traffic patterns. Due to this your website doesn’t gets affected from any viruses.

The Final Comment

Cloud technology creates more value by using fewer resources and this is what makes it stand out from other hosting solutions. With cloud technology businesses can uphold better connection with their customers. Therefore, opt for MilesWeb DigitalOcean cloud hosting in India and let your business grow freely.

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