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MilesWeb Reseller Hosting

Handling online business can be a headache sometimes, especially when your website doesn’t work as you want. To keep your work smoothly, I think hosting providers play a vital role. This is because; they work on all the backend activities, and handle the online business passively. The age of business doesn’t matter when we talk about growth. A successful business is one that grows bit by bit with each passing day. Scaling of business is needed, to cope with its stagnant position. And in this article, we will see how Linux reseller hosting from MilesWeb will help you scale up your business.


The hosting company was started in the year 2012, with an aim to provide the best of hosting services at affordable prices. Since then they have come a long way and have over 20,000 happy customers.

Reseller hosting is the best option for hosting businesses and others too. If you are already a web hosting company or what to start a side business then you can understand the stress of handling thousands of customers with 24/7 support. If you are a web developer/designer, blogger, or already working in the IT field, then starting a web hosting business can gain you a lot.

Reseller Hosting Plans:

MilesWeb hosting features that scales up your business are:

1) Unlimited Website hosting

With MilesWeb’s cheap reseller hosting, you can host unlimited websites from one account. There’s no limitation on the sub-domain and add-on domain those can be added from a single cPanel account.

2) 100% Pure SSD Storage

All the websites hosted at MilesWeb are stored on servers with 100% pure SSD storage, which accelerates your website’s performance by 200%. This ultimately speeds up your website to provide a better user experience.

3) 1-click installer

Online business always needs updating according to current trends. Your website may need any kind of application at any point in time and thus with 1 click installer, you can install over 400 applications like WordPress, Joomla, etc.

4) Free website builder

Are you waiting to start a business, because your site is not ready?

Then, get MilesWeb’s reseller hosting plan now, in which you get a free website builder. The website builder is easy to use a tool, where you just have to select a theme and drag and drop your content in it. So, get started now.

5) Malware scan and Protection

Protecting your website is MilesWeb’s responsibility. They scan your site on a daily basis and blocks all types of viruses from attacking a site. If any threat is found, then they will fix it for you free of cost.

6) Email service

You are allowed to send and receive emails from your domain. Using emails with your domain looks more professional and it also helps in building rapport between you and customers.

7) Data Centre choice

MilesWeb never forces you to select any random datacenter. Instead, you are allowed to choose a data-center location nearer to your targeted audience location. So, during sign-up choose the location as per your business needs.

8) SSL certificate

HTTPS ensures users to visit your site without any worries. SEO considers this certificate as a ranking factor on search engines and hence, your website must have it.

Do you know, you can even earn extra with MilesWeb’s reseller hosting?

Yes, they provide a free domain reseller account with their hosting plan. So, along with hosting service you can also sell domain names and earn from it. This is really a good option you get from MilesWeb.

Also, unlimited bandwidth ensures that your website never fails to entertain visitors coming on it. The best user experience yields sales for sure.

If you already have a web hosting partner, but still aren’t satisfied with them, then it’s the time you switch to another provider.

MilesWeb’s free website migration takes care of all of it. Reach out to them at any time, and they will transfer all your website data from the previous server to MilesWeb’s server without any downtime and data loss.

Want to start a web hosting business?

Get started now. MilesWeb provides you 100% white-label service that allows you to start web hosting business under your name. MilesWeb doesn’t interfere between you are your clients unless you ask for any help.

All you have to do is, create your own plans and sell them under your brand name. In case of technical queries, you can re-direct the issues to MilesWeb, and they will handle them on your behalf.

Do you know why thousands of users trust MilesWeb?

Well, because they work on 3 principles and they are:

1) 24/7/365 days support

For any technical queries, you can reach them at any day and at any time. The team is always happy to serve you.

2) 99.95% Uptime

MilesWeb understands the importance of your business and hence provides 99.95% uptime that keeps your website working throughout.

3) 30 days money-back guarantee

You can try MilesWeb, and if think that you are not satisfied with any of their service, then you can ask for a total money refund within 30 days of your purchase order.


Scaling a business needs everyday work and the best of an online presence. The online work of any business starts with a good web hosting provider and MilesWeb takes care of all such parameters. For any queries talk to their experts, also for hosting features and plans comparison visit the site and get proper guidance.

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