What are the key differences between mobile marketing and traditional marketing?

These days mobile marketing is ruling the marketing industry. It doesn’t matter whether, it is used in the form of mobile push notifications such as iOS push notifications or Android push notifications. Or, it is used in the form of mobile video marketing, social media mobile marketing, and so on. The results are outstanding.

Mobile marketing is becoming handy in taking a business to the next level. Within a short span of time it has surpassed almost every other marketing technique.

When it comes to traditional marketing, the time is long gone. Although it still serves the purpose but not to that level as mobile marketing did.

To help you better understanding this let us discuss what are the key differences between mobile marketing and traditional marketing?

1. Source:

  • Traditional Marketing: In the case of traditional marketing one way communication takes place. There are lots of sources used for this. It includes tangible items such as business cards, advertisements in newspapers and magazines, pamphlets, banners posters, commercials on TV’s, and so on.
  • Mobile Marketing: In the case of mobile marketing a two-way communication is established. Here Mobile is used as a main source of advertisement. There are many digital platforms that are used in mobile marketing. These include social media platforms, emails, chatbots, push notifications, SMS, etc. Not only has this, mobile websites and apps also contributed a lot.

2. Target audience:

  • Traditional Marketing: The prime benefit of using traditional marketing is its ability to reach a local audience. You can easily reach your local audience through newspapers, banners, pamphlets, and so on.
  • Mobile marketing: Although traditional marketing provides a great opportunity to reach a local audience. But when it comes to advertising on a global level. Traditional marketing completely fails. Here mobile marketing provides an easy platform to reach almost every corner of the world through mobile devices.

3. Documentation:

  • Traditional Marketing: In this method hard copies are used to reach the audience. Hence the audience can read them again and again to clarify doubts. But they cannot access them everywhere and anytime.
  • Mobile Marketing: Here softcopy is presented through various platforms. The benefit of this is, these soft copies can be accessed anytime and everywhere as per requirement. Moreover, this is paper-free advertising. It means you need not carry any pamphlet, card, newspaper, etc with you all the time.

4. Customer interaction:

  • Traditional Marketing: When it comes to interaction, traditional marketing offers very limited mediums. Hence it is difficult to engage customers on a mass level.
  • Mobile Marketing: When it comes to mobile marketing, it provides a direct medium to interact with customers. Here push notifications, SMS, chatbots, and many other mediums are used. It helps to receive feedback from customers. This increases the user experience and helps to engage more customers.

5. Cost:

  • Traditional Marketing: It is expensive. It involves a lot of money for the printing process. It also demands manpower for the distribution of cards, pamphlets, putting banners, and so on.
  • Mobile marketing: It is less costly as compared to traditional marketing. It requires online platforms with very little money on ads. Most of the platforms are free to use. This means no need to pay any money for advertising. Above all, very little manpower is required as a single mobile can do a job.

6. Analysis:

  • Traditional Marketing: This is the important factor that helps to identify, whether you are going right or not. When it comes to traditional marketing the process is slow and often takes months. This means when you receive your result, the damage has been done.
  • Mobile Marketing: If you are looking for immediate results, mobile marketing is the solution. Mobile marketing provides real-time results. It helps you to focus on shortcomings and overcome them instantly.


Both Traditional Marketing and Mobile Marketing have their own pros and cons. But when it comes to effectiveness, mobile marketing surpasses traditional marketing by a good margin. This era is an era of digital communication. It means one who adapts to the condition will survive longer. Currently mobile marketing is the one with the power. It means the one who chooses this, will survive in the market.

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