Primewire | Top 20 Alternatives Of The Primewire To Watch Movies

I know you all are here looking for alternatives to the Primewire streaming site. Even I was in the same as you all. A few days back I have done the same. With the Primewire not working properly, it made me think that why do not look for the alternatives that can serve me the same purpose as Prime wire streaming site.

My research led me to the many unknown sites that I have never heard of. I was even got directed to some of the spammiest sites that I have ever encountered. Yes, it was difficult to find a streaming site that is as efficient as Prime wire.

With thorough research and hard work, I was able to find sites that can be considered the best alternative for the Primewire.

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Why Primewire needs an alternative

Primewire started in the year 2015, and since then it has never looked back. It initially started with the nameLetMeWatchThis,and later-on shifted to 1channel domain. This site gains huge popularity among the users. The design itself played an important role in making this site where it is standing right now.

2020 has been the year when Primewire updated its DNS status to euroDNS. This made the site unreachable for many of its users. And when it finally arrived in the streaming industry, everybody was in a shock. The Web design was totally new, has sophisticated features and the most irritating thing, ads, these ads just keep on popping up on the screen.

This was the major downfall of this site. The old loyal users (like myself) of the prime wire eventually understood that the old site is no more. Hence, they started looking for alternatives.

With thorough research and hard work, I have come up with the best alternatives that you can possibly ask for.

Alternatives of the Primewire

Primewire was one of the biggest streaming platforms, but now it is nothing more than a fallen castle.

“You can see the outside of it but once you enter, it is all empty”.

The situation of the Prime wire can be conveyed by the above quote. Let’s not hold you any longer and jump on to the list.

[Note: It is advised that you use a VPN while accessing these streaming sites, as some of the sites are restricted as per national privacy regulation]

1. Putlocker

Putlocker has been there for the past few years. It was second to the only primewire. But now as the situation goes, it is definitely the undisputed champion taking over the first position.

This streaming site has been the favorite of many. Not only because of the high-quality movie streaming but it also has quite a depth in database. It also facilitates the tv serials. So, you are in for lots of varieties of movies and Tv serials.

I have already tried the Putlocker, and personally what I experience is that the window was clean. All the data are easily accessible. The site is clean and maintains a good design that makes it easier for the user to navigate.

And what’s more, unlike Prime wire, you will find different categories by which you can filter the type of content you are looking for.


Solar Movies is also a streaming site that is trying its best to solidify its position in the streaming industry. You can see this site as an underdevelopment site that may be the next big thing in the streaming universe.

It is among the very few sites that give you access to the online content for free. You just need to register and you are all set to venture the infinite solar movies has to offer.

Solar Movies puts lots of effort into the web design part and make sure that their website looks cool and as well as clean. They provide you lots of categories that allow you to filter out the relevant content you are looking for.


123Movies is one of the best prime wire alternatives that you can ask for. It is more or less similar to the prime wire that we used to love. This site has one of the largest databases.

123Movies focuses on keeping their site clean and as simple as possible for the user to navigate efficiently.

When you will visit this site, you will find out that it has all kinds of movies starting from Hollywood to whatever cinematic industry has to offer. Just ask, 123Movies will be there with your answer.

Not only you can filter out the content but you can also select a particular type of genre you love. It also has genre-based content that can help you to find the best content to your liking.

4. Rainierland

It is also one of the best options for you to bookmark it as a primewire alternative. Most of the people know this site as the secondary watcher.

Rainierland is easy to navigate and has clean user interphase, which gives a sense of satisfaction to its users. It has a large database that can provide almost any kind of content you can ask for.

The categories that you can see are the IMDBs rating, latest, popular and much more. You can even filter out your content with the advanced filter system


I have personally tried this site and boy what a lovely sight it is. You can find almost anything. It is more or less similar to the prime wire but it has some of the extra features that make it a commander among the soldiers.

As we know that the old prime wire is long gone, this site has got back its former glory. Visitors are crowding this site. Popcornflix provides you clean visual effects and has a smooth navigation system.

Popcornflix categorizes its every content and helps you to find it efficiently. It has a huge database to support this system. So, you do not have to worry about not finding anything. If you are looking for content related to the cinematic industry, the chances are that you will find whatever you search.


Movies25 is another excellent alternative for the primewire. Starting from the web design, categories, genre to having a vast database, movies25 got you covered in all aspects. And in some aspects, Movies25 outshine primewire. Well, that is not the purpose of the article. But yes, Movies25 is a site that can feed you with high-quality HD movies.

Moreover, the division of the movies is well categorized. There is a different section for the newly released movies and the most-watched movies online. You can also see which movies are getting more likes. This also can help you to make your decision about watching your next movies.


Hulu was among the sites which had been overshadowed by the prime for all its life. But as the primewire is not anymore, Hulu has finally got the chance to shine. Nowadays, most people watch movies and tv serials on the streaming site. Not because they love to do that but because it is convenient. You can watch it anywhere.

That’s the primary reason why Hulu is gaining popularity. And secondly, it has the best features as compared to the other free streaming site. It does have a premium version. Yes, you heard me, this site is free for everyone.


It is one of the most manageable free streaming sites that you can hope for. Alluc has a simple design, user-friendly interphase, clean look, and obviously high-quality content.

It is popular among the user as a movie search engine. You can easily browse through new and old cinematic content. The best part is that you can filter out those content to your likings. You can use the categorized methods or you can use genre-based methods to find the relevant content. It is up to you.

The reason for Alluc being on my list is because of its highly advanced filtering capabilities.


Crackle is a known name among many users. You must also have heard its name, and if you have never heard of it before, then let me introduce it to you it as a contender of primewire alternatives.

Crackle is a free streaming site that provides high-quality HD movies and tv serials that you can hope for. It has one of the largest databases that contain all kinds of video content that has been released so far.

The perk that you will find out with this site is that it also holds the viral videos that have been circulating on the internet. The name itself defines the nature of this site “Crackle”, so the moderators of this site always try to update this site with new content every day to keep the user engaged.


Well, the name itself is defining TeaTv. It is a site that gives you daily doses of the cinematic capsules. It has one of the best sleek design and mobile interphase, that makes it harder for people to ignore it.

Also, it has an android based streaming site. You can also use this site in your windows PC and Mac devices. Tea tv is all about the latest tv shows and HD movies that you can enjoy while having a cup of tea.

Lastly, you do not have to sign in or register in any way or another. It is a skippable function if you do not want to sign in or register you are always welcome to skip it. It will not in any way hamper your access to the online content of the site.


Niter is one of the better options that you can look for as a primewire alternative. You are just a click away from high-quality content. Just register yourself with your email id and you are good to go.

However, you will find that some of its content does not have download function. Well, that point can be ignored as most of us enjoy online streaming rather than watching it offline.

It also has an advanced filter system that allows you to filter out the relevant content you are looking for.


ZMovies is one of my favorite on this list. It is one of the most sorted out sites that has kept its content in order for easy access. You just have to sign in with your email Id, and you are good to go. You do not require anything more other than registering with your id.

The filtering option is quite advance and smooth, so you are in for one of the smoothest experiences while navigating this site. One more thing that I noticed while I was using this site is that it has more genres and categories as compared to the other free streaming sites.


Well, Vumoo is different than the other site as it does not facilitate the categorize option. I will neither say that it is one of the better alternatives nor a good option as all the contents are scattered. You have to literally find what you are looking for.

Yet it made to my list because there are only a few sites that are free streaming sites that are in working condition. Vumoo is one of those sites that are in perfect working condition.


5movies is like a new leaf that has just started its journey towards becoming one of the best in the streaming business. Even after being a newbie, it knows what needs to be done to attract audiences.

It has quite a good database that holds all kinds of movies and tv serials. It has all the basic categories that a person will look for. Like most other sites it also has sorting features that sort out the online content in an alphabetical manner.

As 5Movies is a new site, it focuses on the new releases. So, if you are a movie buff that keeps track of all the new movies, you can follow this site to keep yourself updated with the new cinematic releases.


Here comes one of the legendary players of the free streaming sites. There was a time when both primewire and FMovies were considered the pillar of the streaming site. If you turn back a few pages of history you will see how glorious this site once was. So, it is a natural alternative for those who used to follow primewire.

If you will look closely you will find that this site is just like the old primewire streaming site. The only difference you will find that FMovies have some extra categories to filter out the appropriate content.


Here we are with the AFDHA, a free movie streaming site that boasts of having one of the largest databases in the streaming industry. If you are bored with the site that has limited content and you have to look for different sites all the time just to get what you want, why not just shift to AFDHA?

Here you can browse all kinds of movies and tv serials that you can hope for. It has curated all the collections from all over the world. It showcases all the new releases and the premium on the screen that makes it easy for you to find the recently released movies.

And there is no denying that it has a list of categories that’s far more than the other primewire alternative’s streaming sites.

17.Panda Movies

I was reallyROFLwhen I first heard the name panda. Really who keeps a free streaming site Panda. But soon, I was really surprised how good this site is. Definitely, this site can be considered an alternative for the prime wire, was the first thought that came into my mind after seeing Panda Movies.

They have a well-defined filter that allows the user to be very selective with the content they are looking for. Even they have a filter that allows you to filter out content starting from 24 hours to 1 year. Something new that I have ever come across.

Apart from that, it has all the basic categories that all the other free streaming sites have to offer.

18.Hub Movie

This site was new for me as well. I have never heard of this site before until I found out while researching for the primewire alternatives. I was really surprised, that how come I have never heard of this site before. The site was all sorted out with categories, genre, latest, trending and much more. Not only that, but this site was also in good working condition. At least better than some of the sites I have used earlier.

What catches my attention that this site also provides the schedule of the tv serials and what channel is having what movie. This was something new that I have ever seen in a free streaming site. What’s more, this site has forums to discuss the content and has a social media presence where you can share your experience.


Man, you are really something, if you have reached here reading the article that means you are a cinematic nerd who wants all the options available in times of crisis.

Shaanig is a kind of old school free streaming sites and now slowly but steadily changing itself to the new school. So, it is just a matter of time that it will catch up with the other primewire alternatives. They keep on improving their ways to cope up with the new sites. Recently, they have updated their UI and have made their site look cleaner.

It has a search bar on top of the site that you can use to look for the appropriate content. If you do not want to look into the search bar, you are always welcome to use the highly advanced filter system.


YTS is also one of the old soldiers of the ancient streaming era. It just changes its domain under the regularity pressure. Initial it faced problems but now the site is all good to be used again.

It is best recommended that you use a VPN while using this site. It is in the primewire alternative list solely for the fact that it is one of the oldest free streaming sites that still exist.

Its online contents are all of high quality. It also facilitates download option which is itself a perk that makes this site different from others.

Final Thoughts

Man, that research was like I was persecuting myself. It took me more than 3 days to prepare this list. Do not worry, I have taken extra care to add only active sites into my list. As you all know, why would anyone like to pay for the subscription, if you can get the same data for free? And lastly, if you are having any problem related to the free streaming sites, please let me know, I will try to arrange something for you.

But for now, do comment on how this article has benefited you and do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter and keep following digitaltechupdates for amazing and exciting content.

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