Online Marketing Techniques and Internet Business Strategy

Online Marketing

Orientedself – employed and SME professionalsof any economic activity, the course inonline marketing techniques and business strategy in Internet, is designed to guide and train professionals who consider Internet as an important channel support and competitive advantage in their future professional. The Program is designed to understand, guide and show the possibilities of the network as a promotion and marketing channel.

The program will analyze and deepen the use of the new commercial communication tools that the Internet currently offers. It will allow participants to develop and / or supervise their future professional activity with knowledge of this new means of communication and transaction.

Training plan

1.- Introduction to Online Marketing and electronic commerce.

– Internet as a means of communication: a revolution comparable to the invention of the printing press and the steam engine at the same time.

– Basic concepts of online marketing and main differences with traditional marketing.

– Where to start: define the objectives and target audience.

Online marketing tools.

– Evolution and potential of electronic commerce.

– Products and services that succeed through electronic commerce.

– Success factors in online sales.

– Results measurement.

2.- Marketing through search engines

– Introduction: Why do search engine marketing ?.

– Types of Search Marketing.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

– SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

3.- Trade Marketing on line

– Permission Marketing.

– Affiliate marketing.

– Cobranded and white markings.

– Online advertising.

– Viral marketing.


4.- Affiliate marketing + email newsletter

– What is affiliate marketing ?: advantages and disadvantages.

– How it works: optimization of results.

– Main networks.

– Possibilities of Permission Marketing.

– Legal and ethical aspects of communication.

– Optimization of communications: management tools.

– Predictable evolution of email marketing: the use of RSS.

5.- Legal and institutional aspects

– How to set up a virtual business.

– Legal and ethical aspects of communication.

– General contracting conditions.

– Protection against fraud.

– Insurance for the activity.

– International Trade.

6.- SMO (Social Media Optimization)

– What is SMO ?.

– Blogs as a means of communication.

– Social networks: Myspace, Facebook, Tuenti …

– Buzz Marketing or how to influence the image of my products and services through new media.

7.- The online communication plan

– From strategy to tactics: definition of the target audience.

– Recruitment and loyalty.

– Forms of online remuneration between support and advertiser.

– Blended marketing.

– Preparation of optimal plans.

– The optimal combination of media.

– Optimization of results.

8.- Measurement of results, CRM and online loyalty

– What to measure in a virtual store.

– Audience measurement tools and web analysis.

– Basic principles of Customer Relationship Management.

– Datawarehouse and datamining.

– Online loyalty techniques.

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