Outsourcing SaaS Like a Pro – Secrets from the Industry Pros

Running a business is a complex job. From making sure that company goals are met to managing the operational processes within the company, and making sure new, good performing ones are created and implemented, being a business owner is a complex process. But in all this hassle, outsourcing seems to be your best friend. Most business owners that outsource part of their processes claim they are happy with the services and products they receive. And the percentage of these business owners raises to almost 80%. And tech and development operations seem to be the best type of services to outsource.

The SaaS industry is booming. The products and services of these companies are in high demand. But hiring the right talent is not always as easy as it looks. We have some advice that will help business owners choose the right team.

Know your business objectives

When you start searching for a development team, make sure you know exactly which your business objectives are. Custom software developmentis fundamentally different than out-of-the-box software, and it should perfectly match your goal. That being said, search for a team that can offer you consultancy services previously to signing a contract with them. Make a list of your business goals and objectives to prepare for the meeting. Depending on them, the consultant will be able to make recommendations and help you find the best solution to your business problems.

Always have a software development shortlist

Although you will find a ton of software development companies in your area, it’s best to put together a list of companies that excel in all areas of programming, but also have a deep understanding of business processes.
Software development usually goes beyond good programming skills. It extends to being able to convert business needs and process gaps into solutions. And this can be achieved only by turning faulty processes into business-led functionalities.
Start by doing your research online. This will offer you access to a wide selection of software development companies. You won’t be limited by location, either. Thanks to globalization, you can enjoy top-notch development services from different areas of the globe. Before you put together your shortlist, make sure you ask about former clients. Then, get in touch with them and see how the entire collaboration went. If the company has completed their projects successfully if they have good communication skills if the company provides maintenance services and so forth. This will help you have a relaxing and fruitful collaboration.

Beware of cheap offers

When it comes to software outsourcing, it’s best to stay aware of cheap offers. The good things in life are not cheap, and this mindset should prevail when choosing a software development company.
You are more likely to end up paying more to fix a poorly-developed system or app, so don’t skim when choosing a company. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t.
● Cheap development services usually mean that the team won’t test and fix bugs in your product. It might also mean that the product is difficult to maintain or it is just poorly developed.
● It might mean that you don’t own the source code one the product is developed, even though you have paid to have it developed. In this case, you only buy a license for the product.
● The communication will be poor, there is a severe lack of experience and skill within the team or even a severe lack of transparency in the development process.
Cost-effective services are not cheap, but this is what you should go for. Stay away from those companies that promise incredible products and services for suspiciously low fees.
Besides, it’s very unlikely to find cheap services and trust and integrity in the same package. Evaluate how reliable the enterprise is before settling for it.

Search for teams with communication and integration goals

Good development companies usually strive to perfect the development process. To meet this goal, they are highly interested in understanding your business needs and expectations. They appreciate client feedback and reviews of their products. Thus, when researching different companies, make sure you discuss similar aspects with former clients of the targeted enterprises. Search for companies that focus on communication and integration. These are key-points of successful development. In the process look for the following.
● Search for teams that use Agile development processes. For example, SCRUM is a process used by more than 80% of IT professionals all over the world, due to its effectiveness.
● Look for teams that can use the same project management tools you are using. This will ensure a better workflow and a linear development process.
● Search for teams that have all communication channels open at all times. If they use systems like Slack or Mattermost, you’re working with a team with impeccable communication capabilities.
These key-points will help you have a more pleasant experience while working with your development team, and enjoy a perfect system when the collaboration ends.

Search for experienced teams

Companies with extensive experience in working with business clients perform better than players that have just entered the market. Unless they have former experience in business and enterprise management, you will have a more difficult time in collaborating with them. Search for enterprises with experience in the same industry or business area as your company.

The size of the enterprise matters

It’s best when you work with a company that has all the necessary resources to work on large projects. While you might not have an ample project at this time, one might appear in the future. And knowing you have a company always ready to help you is a huge asset for your business.
Not all software development teams are created equal. The aspects we have detailed above seem to matter the most in the selection process and this is the advice that experienced SaaS developers seem to offer when asked by people how can they ensure their software they need works wonderfully.

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