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Online streaming and downloading files have become so common & popular that even after the site is blocked people find new ways to get access. There is a long list of torrent search engines that have been blocked by concerned authorities but people still use them. The way by which users get access to those sites is by using proxies. This means they hide their original network identity to extract the information from the source where available. RARBG is another such platform that is banned in several countries due to copyright infringement. Let us look at it in detail.

What is RARBG?

Founded in the year 2008, RARBG is a platform that delivers torrent files & magnet links to the users. With the help of these links, users can download their favorite movies, TV shows, and web series. It is one of the popular peer-to-peer file-sharing platforms. RARBG is said to be blocked for a week in December 2008 after facing several issues. The status of RARBG whether it is still active or blocked in some countries is still unknown. UK, Denmark, UAE, Belgium, Portugal, Australia, and Saudi Arabia are some countries where this website is completely blocked. On the other hand, India, Bulgaria, Morocco, & Kazakhstan are countries where the status is unknown.

What RARBG offers?

As discussed above, RARBG is a peer-to-peer file sharing platform. This website offers numerous torrent and magnet links to its users for downloading their favorite content. On this platform, you can get movies, web series, & TV shows of different genres, languages, and countries of origin. It holds a huge database of torrent files to search from.

The design of its landing page is interactive enough that people can easily navigate to the tab they are looking for. It offers different tabs for movies, TV shows, games, music, and software that can be clicked to get a specific search result. After clicking on the link of the content you want to download, this platform will show multiple options to choose from. Plus, with RARBG you also have the liberty to get video quality as per your preference.

Benefits of RARBG

You might have got an idea of how beneficial RARBG could be after reading the above matter. You can get access to a huge database of torrent files including magnet links. This means downloading your favorite movie or video is just a few clicks away. Besides, RARBG users can also download software and games just like they do movies. This platform has got something for everyone.

With its search bar, users can directly type the name of a movie or TV show they are looking for to get direct results. While landing on the home page, you will also see trending torrents at the top. You can select from them as well. The main point that we like about rarbg.to is its systematic approach. What we mean by saying this is that RARBG delivers search results in an organized and systematic way. This makes easy for users to quickly select the one they are up for. The results are in a categorical manner thus one can only select a specific category according to the choice. This website also allows you to watch trailers of the latest releases if you miss one. What else users can ask for?

Safety issues

Safety is always a prime factor no matter what we are talking about. Now, while we are using such a platform that has been blocked in many countries there might be some security concern. Special care must be taken while using proxies. The major risk is of leaking your personal or any sensitive information. This is the case with almost all proxy sites. Some other issues might be there like virus harming your system. So care must be taken while its use.

Use of VPN

The best possible way to prevent any cyber threat is to use a virtual private network while using RARBG or similar sites. A VPN works by doing encryption, which means it will hide your genuine network-related information. The original IP will remain hidden for hackers as well as your internet service providers. Hence there will not be any issues related to security and leaking of sensitive information.


RARBG is a good platform to get torrent files and magnet links of your favorite movies, games, TV shows, and web series. As discussed, the safest way of using this website is with a VPN. A VPN will ensure enhanced security of your system as well as the network’s information. So, there is no need to worry, just land up on RARBG and get what you want with a few simple clicks.

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