In this world of technologies and the internet, security is one of the prime concerns. Especially while using the internet, most of us are afraid of leaking our important information and IP address. For businesses, it is a serious concern. For several counties VPN is very common to use. For instance,VPNs are common in Israel. Now to hide your identity technologists came up with a great network system which is known as Virtual Private Network (VPN). Let us see it in detail.

What is a Virtual Private Network?

The creation of a VPN was originally done for businesses, for allowing them to securely connect to all business networks together. Besides, VPN also allowed users to access the business network right from their home. This means you can connect to the business network from home by hiding the home network. All this is done by the VPN.

VPN is a type of encrypted network created for computing devices that assures the safe transmission of sensitive data. In simpler terms we can say that a VPN masks your original identity with someone else’s, that actually doesn’t exist. It increases the privacy & security of connections while using the internet. VPN is said to use tunneling protocols for creating a virtual network over physical channels.

The benefits of VPN

You must have read above that a VPN can hide your network’s original identity and this has a lot of benefits for businesses. Let’s check some of them out.

  • Security

Security has always been a matter of concern while using a public or even private internet network. With the use of a VPN, this concern has somewhat gone down. Virtual Private Network¸ by covering the original network’s identity provides good protection against cyber threats. Hence you can safely use the internet over a public network. So it won’t be wrong to say that a VPN can significantly cut down security concerns.

  • Remote control

Another important factor about VPN is that you can access the information of a particular network remotely. This is much of a benefit for companies & businesses and has also shown to improve their productivity. Via Virtual Private Network you can connect to your business network irrespective of the current location.

  • Access to proxies

By adopting a virtual private network, you can easily gain access to proxy sites that are ban at your location. This could be done by connecting to the VPN of that particular country where access is available. Apart from this, the user can also bypass the geographical restrictions for watching a particular video or movie. Plus, a user with a VPN in the system can anonymously use the internet without sharing the location. Though all this is illegal, yet this is one of the key reasons why people find VPN useful.

  • Multi-device support

A VPN with the same credentials can be used simultaneously on multiple devices including mobiles. A good VPN service provider gives this feature of use on many systems depending upon the service provider’s rating.

  • File sharing

VPN can also be used for sharing sensitive or any kind of files between a group for an extended period of time. It won’t be wrong to say that this is an added feature of this service.

  • Hides information from ISP

Using a virtual private network also hides the internet activity from your internet service provider. This means your data is encrypted & secure hence all your browsing is protected. Another point to consider here is that VPN also prevents slowing down the internet speed by ISP, as some internet service providers do it intentionally. With VPN they cannot identify you thus no speed throttling will be there.

  • Low maintenance cost

After the initial cost of getting a VPN, there is very minimal maintenance cost. While if you choose to go for a good service provider then surveillance and network set up will also be managed by him only.

Besides these features of a virtual private network, there are certainly more benefits that you can get. You can get an IP address from another country, bandwidth & efficiency of the network might increase, multiple server locations will be there to choose, and many more. So, using a VPN is always a smart approach especially when you are in a business or running a company.

Working of VPN

In simpler terms, a VPN routes the device’s internet connection to the VPN’s server. In this way, whatever data you scroll or transmit over the internet will come from the VPN’s private network rather than your ISP. It serves as a medium that hides your original IP address and provides protection from hackers. ‘Encryption’ is the technical term which is used by a VPN. It is really helpful for a business person while on the move (traveling) to hide the personal location and work with the business network.


As you’ve gone through about the VPN, one thing is clear that it has loads of benefits including security which is the most important factor. Plus, one can also download movies, games, TV shows, web series, and videos using proxy sites or torrents even if it is blocked in your country. This is one of the major factors of VPN’s popularity. So choose a good VPN service provider and encrypt your important business or personal information while sharing it over the internet.

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