Should You Run Display PPC for Your Law Firm?

Display PPC

Display PPC is a powerful marketing tool for brand awareness and lead generation in law firms. Unfortunately, many attorneys overlook the numerous opportunities presented by Display law firm PPC and invest more in Search Network instead.

If you have been looking for a way to get your law firm out of the shadows, this article will help you decide whether display PPC is just what you need.

What Is Display PPC?

Pay-per-click (PPC) is an advertising model where an advertiser (a business) pays the service provider an assigned amount anytime an internet user clicks on their ad.

The most popular form of PPC among law firms is search networks. Here, the ad appears at the top of search page results, where a user who is looking for your services will find you faster.

In display PPC, the terms of payment are similar, only that here, the ads appear on specific sites. They are the graphic-rich banner ads that are displayed on third-party websites, mobile applications, and video content.

Marketers have a choice of creating either textual, image, or video ads, which gives a business numerous options on how to introduce their services.

Display Networks are a collection of websites where display PPC ads appear, and there are millions of them across the internet.

Why You Should Run Display PPC for Your Law Firm

It Is More Cost-Effective than Search Network PPC

Besides PPC advertising giving you full control over your marketing budget, running a display PPC campaign will cost you less than most digital marketing methods, including search networks.

This is because there is a wealth of space for display PPC ads to appear. For search PPC, advertisers bid for limited spaces on a search results page, raising the individual bid amount to several times higher than display ads.

The largest PPC service provider, Google Ads, has more than 2 million websites on its display network.

More Brand Awareness and Recognition

Display networks are so effective because they reach more than 90% of internet users. This means that if you design your display PPC campaign correctly, your ads have a chance of reaching many of your intended target audience.

For instance, when someone is searching for an injury lawyer and runs into your ad, they are likely to visit your landing page and even become a client. Alternatively, when someone is browsing on a publisher website and sees your ad, they will recognize your legal services, even without a click.

In fact, brand awareness is the first stage at the top of the PPC marketing sales funnel, and Display PPC is an effective tool for law firms. Further, marketers have the option to create text, image or video ads, which are more demanding of a user’s visual attention.

Targeting Features that Are Effective for Remarketing

Display PPC has incredible targeting features that are ideal for remarketing purposes. You can decide whom, where, and when you want the display ads to appear. This is especially useful if you provide legal services for a rather specific target audience.

You can customize the ad to only display on users’ websites in a particular location, schedule, websites where the ad will be placed, and custom audiences. Since most internet users find display ads disruptive, PPC platforms allow you to choose which sites your ads should appear on. Ensure that you select websites that are relevant to the ad.

Remarketing is a major feature of display advertising. It displays your ads to internet users who have visited your website in the past. This way, you influence their purchase decision by reminding them about your services in which they have shown interest.

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