Reddit: how to use this social network in your marketing strategy

When we think about which channels to use for our marketing strategy , we most likely will not think of includingReddit. However, this social network has a lot of active users and in it we can find all kinds of niche topics represented. How can we marketers harness its potential?

What is Reddit?

Redditis a social network of American origin that is based onsharing news and content and commenting on them. We could say that it is quite similar to a forum, but with the particularity that users can givenegative and positive votes toboth content and comments. In this way, a kind of democracy is formed in which the most relevant contents and contributions are more visible for a longer time.

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Within Reddit we can find endless content on the most varied topics, from photos of pets to financial advice. All this information is organized in communities around topics of interest to users, or ”subreddits“.

Two other important concepts within this social network arekarma(reward received for contributing to the community) andReddit gold(a kind of premium member program that unlocks new features).

It is also interesting to note that although the majority language of Reddit is in English, there are communities in Spanish and even the operating rules have been translated.

3 ways to include Reddit in your marketing strategy

1) To generate traffic

Reddit has 34.9 million unique monthly visitors, making it a beastly audience for your website content. You can take advantage of Reddit to generate traffic by publishing your own content. Though you canbuy cheap upvotes, you must be very careful, since the rules around spam are very strict.

In general, the focus on Reddit should always be based oncollaborating with the community and adding value. Thoroughly investigate which communities your content might fit in and what is the best way to share it.

Another very important rule is that you don’t just “talk about your book”: collaborate actively in the community, comment on the contributions of other users and don’t hesitate to share.

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2) To do content curation

OnReddityou can find niche communities of the most varied topics, so surely there are one or more that fit the interests of your brand. You can use them tostay up-to-datewith what’s going on in your sector andget ideasfor your own articles.

3) For market research

Reddit is one of the best sites tostay in touch with usersand understand them better. So even if you decide not to actively post on Reddit, I recommend that you look for what is being said about your brand and the competition. It will surely help you to detect opportunities that have never occurred to you and to elaborate much more precise buyer people .

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