Common Facts And Myths About Tadalafil And Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

As with anything that has to do with erectile dysfunction (along with other medical ailments), there’s a plethora of information, valid and invalid, you’ll find online. Some, true. A slew of modern superstitions has been passed on to the wide reaches of the web.

Through, read about medically astute facts regarding tadalafil and erectile dysfunction right here.

1.Tadalafil Does NOT Have As Many Side Effects, Compared To Other ED Medications

False. Any kind of erectile dysfunction medication will have side effects, and they all basically fall into the same category. Bear in mind that treatments for ED or impotence target muscle constriction, blood passage clogging, blood flow imbalances, etc. Others, like tadalafil, also aid with conditions such as having an enlarged bladder and/ or prostate.

In simpler words, tadalafil does NOT have more side effects than different ED medications, nor does it have less. Various prescription drugs for impotence mainly have to do with how your body will respond to them. Whichever has a better impact on you in terms of efficacy, and body composition compatibility with the elements found each type and brand— these are the major reasons for why there are a handful of ED medications that vary in results per person.

2. Because Tadalafil Has Side Effects, Is It Okay If Said Side Effects Persist?

Yes, and no. Medicines for erectile dysfunction are to be ingested with a prescribed dosage and within a certain time table. Said time table isn’t fixed. It will vary depending on your physician’s diagnosis regarding your health condition at this very moment. Additionally, these medications will also be based on the grounds of their “efficacy”— if it will work for you or not.

Having said that, it’s safest to say that you can expect side effects within your first few instances of taking tadalafil. These may include but are not limited to, nausea, dizziness, headaches, flushed face and/ or skin (redness), nasal congestion, etc.

Though there’s no particular number to follow in terms of exactly when these side effects will begin to appear, they should NOT persist after 24 to 48 hours. In numerous cases, they recede within the first few hours of taking the pill.

Only rarer cases (this is also dependent on variables like diet, lifestyle, medical history, etc.) hit the aforementioned one to two-day term.

Suppose you took tadalafil today and you won’t have another scheduled follow-up consumption of the pill the day after or the next yet the side effects continue to linger intensely, contact your physician. There may be a need to adjust your dosage, the intervals of taking tadalafil, etc.

3.An Erection For Days?

Tadalafil has been said to last for as little as 2 to 4 hours, and as much as 3 to 4 days. But this information needs to be explained further. By this medication “lasting” for N period of time, what’s meant by this is how long it stays in your system before it’s naturally metabolized and flushed out.

To further that, in NO way does it imply that you will have a steady erection, day in and day out. Tadafil will still rely on stimulation. If you’re not aroused, it won’t work. And once semen is secreted, the erection will subside. Also, claims of “lasting” for 3 to 4 days were said to have occurred without climaxing during coitus.

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