The Buyer’s Guide to DGT Smart Chessboards

Chess Board

A chessboard is a crucial piece in the chess game.

Like the soccer field, it is the surface where you can claim your victories or endure losses. The board started as a simple piece with some squares with black and white boxes. Though the paintings and boxes remain to date, innovations and technology have become part of the chessboards.

Today, chess players are moving to DGT smart chessboards. These chessboards come with exceptional features and functionalities inspired by the next experiences. You will enjoy how you play the chess game when you get a smart chessboard.

However, the rising demand for smart chessboards is inspiring rogue suppliers. These suppliers are making substandard boards and convincing buyers that they are original and authentic. If you are not conscious, you can land in the hands of these sellers.

Before you complete that chessboard purchase deal, here are some aspects you need to consider on the smart chessboard:

The features provided

The first consideration in DGT smart chessboard is the features provided. The DGT chessboard should be smart. By this, it means that it should have smart features that put it above the normal physical chessboards.

Genuine smart chessboards come with great features such as Bluetooth connectivity, live broadcasting, sensor technology, recording, storing, retrieval, and analysis capabilities. Also, some boards have a tutor mode to help you learn different tricks and illegal moves.

If what you are about to buy does not have a good number of these features, you should not proceed with the purchase. Otherwise, you are on the verge of losing your money on an unreliable device.

The price

Price is the next aspect to consider when choosing a DGT smart board. A smart board is a luxury chess piece. You will not get it at the price of bread. In essence, the cheapest smart board goes for €600. Anything cheaper than this is likely a crone of the original piece.

If you cannot raise such an amount, you should keep on using the physical boards. Remain a classical chess player until you save enough for a DGT smart chessboard. This way, you will be safe from rogue and fake smart chessboard sellers.


As you know, anything genuine has a warranty. You will know whether you are getting the right smart chessboard by looking at the warranty terms and conditions. The DGT smart chessboards come with a 2-year warranty.

If the seller is not offering a warranty, you need to think twice. Remember, these devices are a long-term investment and expensive. Without a promise of correcting malfunctioning or replacement for defective smart boards, you will waste your hard-earned cash. So, check the warranty and its duration before making your purchase decision.

Your skills

DGT smart chessboards vary for different players. You will find a chessboard fit for your skills level based on the features you need. If you are a chess lover seeking to begin your journey, you will get a smart board with tutor mode.

For pros who want to understand their game and mistakes, DGT has chessboards with analysis capabilities. Some even are compatible with advanced chess analysis software and apps. Assess your skills and needs to determine which board to buy. Don’t go for a beginner smart chessboard when you are a chess champion.

Wrapping up

As you can see, choosing a DGT smart chessboard can be easy or challenging. This process will depend on understanding what to look for before making a purchase decision. Following the above tips can save you from losing money on unreliable boards. Always be conscious and open-minded to avoid becoming prey for rogue chessboard dealers.

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