The importance of having a blog on your website


It may be that, on numerous occasions, the first results of Google when doing a search, have taken you to the blog of a web page related to the sector in which you have been interested at that time. And, surely, in addition to solving your doubts in the same article, they have offered you to continue reading another of their entries or to contract some of their products and services to cover the need that you have expressed when typing those words in your search engine.

Well, if you also want to turn your brand into one of the first that your potential customers and those who already consume your products or services think about. You must offer themuseful information that solves their concernsand that, in addition, pushes them todecide on your businessbefore the competition.

What should you write about on your blog?

Although the main objective to nurture a blog within your website is to get your customers to purchase your products or services. You should offer them information that is useful to them and with which they can take some small steps individually before they need your help.

In this way, you will be able toposition yourself in the minds of your customersas that brand they can always turn to to solve all the problems related to your sector.

But be careful, permanently talking about your business or the virtues of your products is not always a good option. Keep in mind that whoever comes to your blog through a Google search, does not always want to purchase a product or hire a service. Sometimes you are simply trying to answer a question or satisfy your curiosity.

We must also take care of this type of readers and offer them what they demand of us. Because in this way, the day they finally decide to make a purchase related to your sector; They will come to your brand because of the affinity that occurred when, long ago, you resolved their doubts without asking for anything in return.

How to know what interests my potential clients

There are multiple tools with which to discover which are the most popular searches. Applications that, through the study of keywords, can help you know what your potential customers are looking for. Undoubtedly very useful information that will not only help you to know what the interests of your clients are, but will also make it easier for you to choose what and how to write about.

Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends, or Keyword Shitterare some of the many tools that can help you optimize your articles in order to position them through the correct use of keywords.

Although any user can access this type of keyword search engine, we recommend that you put yourself in the hands of experts. Since the specialized professionals will carry out an exhaustive study of the words and topics that most interest your potential clients on the internet; thus managing to create articles that reach more people and are even more effective.

Become essential for your customers

Another benefit that having a blog on our website can bring us is that we become essential for our clients. If you have a database of clients or prospects, you can notify them by email or newsletter that you have added a new article to your blog.

If you do this periodically and offer your users content that is useful and that is of quality. You will get them to be waiting for the notification that alerts them that they already have a new article to read and with which to learn on your website.

How often should I post an entry on my blog

There is no rule that determines how often you should update the content of your blog. The key is tobe consistent and keep your content alive. You can upload one article a week or every fortnight.

Keep in mind that in addition to being a tool to offer useful information to the user, your blog is a magnificent cover letter. That is why you should add content periodically so that, as far as possible, the content is recent and thus show that it is a website and, therefore, an active and constantly evolving business.

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