It’s time to improve (or remove from the menu) your “About Us” page

About Us

When you enter aweb page, the first thing you see is the home page, but the second thing, most of the time, is that section that says “who we are”, or “know us”, or the name that each one wants to give it to the section known asabout usorabout us.This section is extremely important for your SEO OnPage, and it must be aligned with the strategy and business objectives of the company. We are going to expand a little more on the subject.

This section is not just a cover letter, that button on which people click to learn more about your company promises exactly that, more information about you and your business. But the most important thing is that in the face of the Google bot, it will be the essential “clue” when it comes to ranking and appearing in search results. Remember that the positioning process is divided intocrawling, indexing and ranking (or final positioning)all are very important, and you have to have it planned in your online business strategy that you will have already discussed with your digital marketing consultant or similar. Please, do not discuss this with your “computer cousin” or the one who has taken a “free SEO course from Google” because he does not usually have enough experience to know SEO strategy.

But, I did not deviate. It is incredible how many pages I enter and when I click on that button I can see three misspelled lines that say nothing. That in the end for the XBot (MsnBot, GoogleBot, etc ..) is useless. It is called Thin Content and it is even penalized. When an “ABoutUs” says nothing, Absolutely nothing. Nothing about the business, nothing about the employer, nothing about work …for that it is better to do without this section and focus on Services and Business Lines.

But what is even better for your business is to keep reading these keys to be able to write a great section on “who we are” that will make your users fall in love.

To begin with, we must see what is NOT to be put under any circumstances, and it is very simple: all those topics that make our website the same as the others.

You will have read phrases such as “we are a multidisciplinary team”, “we offer you comprehensive solutions” or “our goal is for you to meet your goals”. Well, you could put these and other similar phrases together and put them on the website of a lawyer, an architect, a mechanic or a clearing company. It works the same for everyone, because it says nothing.

Your cover letter can not say anything, be so vague and ambiguous. You have to make it clear what your company has been doing, since when, what its objectives are, how much it has grown and everything that seems relevant to you, that adds value to your customers.

What should you put in?

Very simple, really. And the best thing is that you write it naturally, being yourself, since that will give the unique touch toyour “who we are” page, to your website and to your business. This may seem like a vague tango advice, and nothing concrete, but wait a bit, it continues.

In order to give it that distinctive touch so yours, the best thing is to resort tostorytelling, a marketing tool, which is not new, but something that has always been done because it works.

Thisstorytellingis the art and science of storytelling. For people with a lot of imagination it will be something easier to carry out, but if you do not consider yourself especially imaginative, do not worry, because you will not find many impediments. You don’t have to make up a story, but use your own story and that of your company.

Do you know why more than 160 million books have been sold in 2018, only in Spain? Because people like stories. And not only in books, but also in movies or series.

Look at these two fragments, to see which one catches your attention the most:

“This company was born in 1997 with the aim of offering the best construction materials. Since then we have grown to become leaders in the sector ”.

“In 1997, two young entrepreneurs dreamed of setting up a small shop that would help the handymen of Pamplona to obtain the best construction materials at a lower price. The dream came true, and today, after much effort and hard work, that small shop in Pamplona has become the largest national construction materials company. I am one of those two young people, although I am not so young anymore, and I like to think that during these 22 years we have helped to create not only houses, but homes. What is your dream?”

It’s just an example that just occurred to me, but the difference is obvious. A story is a very powerful tool togive personality to your website and your business. And as I have already said, you don’t have to invent one, surely your story is exciting, share it with the world.

If you still don’t know very well how to approach your story, follow these guidelines.

  • Start at the beginning, talk about the origin of your business, why you decided to venture, about your partners or colleagues who helped you in that beginning.
  • If you have gone through difficulties (like everyone else) and have overcome them, take advantage of them. The stories of improvement are always exciting and people read them all the time.
  • Describe how far you have come, with humility but without taking away any merit. And dare to dream and share where you want to go.

With this we could say that you have a good basis to structure your story, but this section is for people to know more about you. If you consider it appropriate, also talk about your tastes, hobbies, skills, what you do in your free time. You can get to connect with many people in this way, showing yourself natural, just as you are.

And now you are ready to start writing one draft after another, with your story, until you like the result and manage to stand out from everyone else with your own original “who we are” section.

In another next post we will talk about the interesting (or not) of appearing this section in the Main Menu of your corporate website.

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