The importance of Software development to society & Examples

A software created based on certain requirements of customers, to meet the needs of main users properly and in accordance with the trend of the business and technology market at the time of launch. Over the years, software outsourcing has gradually become a familiar concept with a wide range of well-known application products spread across our life fields such as healthcare, banking, finance, e-commerce, logistics and so many more. Not only that, the forms of conducting software outsourcing have also become diversified, from ‘onshore’, to ‘nearshore’, or even ‘offshore’, all of them. are contributing to a convenient and colorful technology world.

There are many examples of software development in general and offshore software development outsourcing in particular, from a simple weather reporting and forecasting application, to a health monitoring & warning application, or an application related to cash flow or market volatility…

How important software development is in our lives?

Playing a prerequisite role in shaping human everyday life, technology advancement is slowly reaching the perfection stage to become a great “assistant ” to the human owners themselves. However, it is also somewhat of a decisive role in devastating human affairs, as Marc Andreesen said, “Software is eating the world” since it outperforms normal tasks within the correct applied code. To elaborate on this statement, in addition, the Software can be operated 24/7, never late, never ‘needs to take a day off for relaxing’, operated without mistakes, not distracted from work and has marginal costs, the level of risk of human resources is almost zero.

And it’s incredibly clear, who we are now reading books on our Kindle devices, ordering a dating party through an app – or even ordering food and food home, buying travel tickets. through the application, and are shopping for cosmetic clothes with the application. In the midst of the Coronavirus epidemic today, people also take advantage of distance education through meeting platforms and screen sharing in a group, or book appointments with doctors – buy medicines through apps. More and more large businesses and industries are operated directly on the software and delivered to customers / users as online services – from film to agriculture to defense.

There are so many concerns in this world and we must be fed up with manual manipulations to do it ourselves every day. Instead, we live on applications and – perhaps overstated – we depend on software application quite a lot.

5 typical examples of Software development

Then, it shouldn’t be too surprising that apps play such an important role in life. Software development also developed and flourished. Each application program is designed to assist the user with a specific process and interface / image – in other words, the application program enables the user to create content and perform tasks. However, the most popular are still application software written for office and business. Here are 5 typical examples of software development that can be applied in business and in life:

MS Word

Created in 1983, Microsoft Word is a word processing software that can be installed on a computer, tablet or mobile phone that supports it. More than just a plain text editor, its features let you set margins, create tabs, and insert page breaks for your document; on the other hand, nowadays, users can even compile invitations, resumes … based on the available templates that MS Word offers.


Firefox is a web browser designed to protect your information – automatically enabling pop-up blocking and built-in browser features. Thanks to its high level of security, businesses can use it in any project. When using this type of browser, you can set privacy and security measures to keep your documents and transmission safe.


Introduced in 1989, AutoCAD allows you to use your computer to create and edit various designs for use with those containing the graphics controller inside. Operating systems such as Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android are the ones capable of running this application.

Customer relationship management

Customers still play a very important role in operating and ensuring the prosperity of a business. How will we trade and exchange goods if there are no customers interested in and accessing the product? While it sounds general, in essence, this is the type of application software that will be designed based on the nature and size of your own business – to capture, review, store, analyze data related to customers, and also to manage customer interactions and facilitate the sales process and related partnerships.


Collecting data is inherently not easy, as the marketing team and sales staff have to approach customers with all kinds of clever tricks. Therefore, you will waste a ‘treasure’ of data in your hands if you don’t know how to use it. Therefore, this application is built to create an electronic data warehouse to quickly and coherently access, review and update specific pieces of information.


In addition, we have many more examples of software development and illustrate the importance of modern technology to life. Depending on the size and purpose of the business, the target audience and the specific approach… software development can be conducted to create useful products and services for business, customer-oriented / internal staff, or simplify file processing … Everything you need, wrapped in one app!

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