Unikernels – the future is secure

Unikernels - the future is secure

Cloud computing infrastructure is the amalgamation of hardware and software to help businesses and websites run applications securely and properly. By storing important data, preventing security breaches, and increasing a website’s efficiency, cloud computing can help a company’s productivity.

By utilizing hardware, resources, data, and applications, companies can reap the benefits of cloud computing technology. Let’s see the latest development in terms of cloud-based infrastructure and how this new machine image can improve security.

How to use cloud computing technology, like unikernels, for enhanced performance

In modern times, IT is arguably the most important component of a business – along with customer service. Information technology requirements have increased tenfold in recent years, with applications like cloud-based computing, containers, VMs, and unikernels taking the place of old applications.

The IT sector must continue to adapt and evolve to meet the consumer’s needs and business requirements of reliable and secure services. Since the IT structure needs to increase its systems’ performance, power, and trustworthiness, these companies often find themselves constantly creating new cloud infrastructure.

Cloud infrastructure, like unikernels, helps businesses rely on internet-based services to increase the speed of storing data, using software, and running applications. With these advancements, there are dozens of opportunities for businesses to improve their marketing structure, business models, and consumer retention in this new economy.

To best understand the cloud-based infrastructure and the role unikernels play in cloud computing, we need to know the design of unikernels and how they operate within businesses today.

Unikernels design

In most operating systems, there are protection boundaries that enforce control and implement mechanisms that can run applications, drive hardware, and create network protocols to ensure the system remains safe from malware.

Increased security benefits

  • Unikernels help with the protection of a business’ data by reducing the likelihood of any cyber attacks due to the lower surface area level. The ‘attack surface’ is the amalgamation of different points where an unauthorized user who has not been given security clearance can try and breach a system. Unikernels help reduce the risk of attacks by providing less surface area, thereby improving an operating system’s security properties.

Whole-system optimization

  • Along with being protective, unikernels are highly efficient programs. Due to the nature in which they are built, they can perform whole-system optimization, improving the ability to fulfill each business’s specific needs.

Quick booting

  • Unlike other cloud-based systems that take between 20-30 seconds to startup, unikernels start in only milliseconds.

High specialization

  • Since unikernels are highly specialized, this provides them with the necessary properties to work with service-oriented software.


Using cloud-based infrastructure and cloud computing is the best way for businesses to store information, increase their protection, run applications, and improve their processing speed without spending a fortune. Cloud computing helps businesses evolve faster, provide reliable networks, and increase the number of benefits to the consumers.

Realizing how unikernels work can influence businesses to choose this cloud-based computing method over other options. With high-security measures, specialization, quick speeds, and whole-system optimization, unikernels are the wave of the future when it comes to cloud-based infrastructure.

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