User experience: how can artificial intelligence help you?

artificial intelligence

Surely you have ever heard of artificial intelligence, but do you know all its uses?On streaming platforms, for example, an algorithm is used that decides which images to show as the cover of your series or movies based on the profile that has been created for you as a user.The interface of these platforms is different for each person according to their tastes, preferences and viewing history.

This technology allows, among many other uses, to optimize processes, personalize ads and even get to know our consumers. That is why this tool is increasingly used by companies, especially in the field of user experience and customer service.

Thanks to this innovative technology, it is possible to extract valuable information from each user and personalize their experience, giving rise to an excellent level of customer service. A good application of the techniques in your company will result in higher quality products that meet the needs and expectations of consumers. With these tools you can create more personal experiences that will increase the loyalty of your customers.

How should you use artificial intelligence to improve the user experience?

Through virtual assistants or chatbots

Surely you have ever seen on a website or have had a conversation with a virtual assistant. Today, many companies use this tool to streamline interactions. This type of wizard improves the user experience by reducing wait times, providing instant responses, and speeding up problem resolution.

Automation of marketing campaigns

With a database and suitable software, campaigns can be designed according to the needs and preferences of consumers. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the launch of campaigns can be more effective.

User Behavior Detection

Mood and behavior are critical elements in creating a personalized experience. Emotions change and with it consumer behavior. Today, by analyzing conversations with artificial intelligence, it is possible to identify the user’s feelings and adjust your offer to their needs.

Ad personalization

Surely you have ever been surprised to see an ad appear on your smartphone screen advertising a product or service that you had recently talked about. Unintentionally, we send information about our tastes at all times. It is through this information that companies are able to anticipate the needs of their customers. In order to manage all this data that is collected on a large scale, a well-known branch of artificial intelligence known as machine learning is used, based on the idea that systems can learn from data, identify patterns and make decisions with minimal investment. human.

Demand forecast

Software based on artificial intelligence is capable of predicting in real time what the demand will be in a specific period of time. With this advance, stock breakages are avoided and the optimization of available resources. Large-scale e-commerce needs the support of technology to minimize risks and correctly manage the supply chain.

Artificial intelligence, far from replacing designers, presents a series of opportunities that can help you in your work. Many times, when promoting the improvement of our products or services or when looking for ways to increase sales, we make decisions without a solid foundation. For this reason, information of usable value is necessary to develop metrics that analyze the actions carried out and the interactions carried out in the different communication channels.

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