ecommerce web design services has various types of visual elements. Among the main ones are the icons. That is, small signs and images whose mission is to represent an object or an idea.

Of course, these will be related to the small image that represents them. They may identify with them, or they may resemble their physical representation. They are therefore not something new. They have been used for many decades in all kinds of fields and continue to play a leading role today. For example, in app design . Of course, there are also icons in web design .

So far, with the brief definition we have noted, you can get an idea of ​​what the icons look like in the design. But specifically, on the web, you probably have doubts about their use, or what they transmit to those who enter it. Also the real importance they have in web design. Then you can clear all your doubts.

Icons in web design: what they are and how they are used

The definition of icons in web design is not far from that of other disciplines: they are still a very powerful visual tool . Of those who have the most in the creation of web pages. And, since they are used to explain concepts and ideas in a visual way, their role in this aspect of design is essential. Especially when it comes to substituting words .

This does not mean that on a web page you have to bet on replacing all the words with icons, but they can be used to better organize the page . And even to clarify concepts . However, what they are intended for the most is to prevent web pages from looking boring and full of text. It is enough to replace some words or expressions with icons at key points. For example, they can be used to describe some functions . Or to do the same with characteristics of a product or service. Thus, the web page will not only be downloaded as text; it is also more pleasing to the eye , and attractive. Also, it will be easier to read .

Icons in web design can also be used to focus the attention of those who visit a page, on the point or points that the designer wants. Likewise, they serve as reinforcing elements for the message or theme that you want to convey on a page. Or to make the explanation offered in a text more clear .

Aside from these uses, icons in web design are also used to divide sections . Likewise, to head the different points of an enumeration . Or to highlight certain points on a page. For example, offers on products, or the list of services offered by a company. In the same way, the icons can be used to emphasize the different parts in which a process is divided when its development is being explained.

beware of icons

As with too much text, a web page can also become chaotic if it contains too many icons . Therefore, you have to know how and where to use them . Generally, web developers in Atlanta have no problem with this. They know exactly where to put them, how to do it, and how many are enough so that they are neither too short nor too high. They dominate it precisely because they have been trained to do so. 

Thus, they know perfectly when they are necessary and where the limit is so that they go from being useful and pleasant to being a nuisance. They will never pass through. Therefore, web pages designed by a professional will not be full of elements without rhyme or reason. Everything will be well thought out, and no room is left for visual noise . Because blank spaces are also very important in web design, and they have their mission.

Icons in professional web design will always follow guidelines to appear the way they appear. Of these, the most important to make them part of the success of a web page are two: conciseness and simplicity . That is, they have to be present in their fair number . In addition, it is recommended that they be simple and clear . In this way, just by seeing them you will know exactly what they refer to. Or why they have been placed where they are.

What do the icons convey?

Icons in web design, as we have seen, convey much more than the idea they represent. They emanate security, but also cleanliness and order . Or taste for detail . But, in addition, they deal with giving a clue about the content to look at on the page. These elements deal with attracting the attention of the Internet user.

For this reason, it is advisable to place them in prominent points on the web next to the text that you want to highlight. It is for this reason that they are usually next to paragraphs with descriptions, enumerations and prices . In short, next to the main points of a page.

The importance of icons in web design

As mentioned, icons in web design are of crucial importance . They are not only used to replace text or to emphasize content; also, to improve the usability of a web page . And it is that they can be used to optimize navigation on a website . To do this, yes, designers must take certain aspects into account.

One of them is to take care of the meaning of the icon , since it is necessary to avoid confusing it. Likewise, its location on the website , and if it makes it easier for the visitor to carry out a specific action. And, in general, they have to contribute to making the experience of the Internet user when visiting the page the best possible. Whether it is a page with adaptive web design or responsive design .

On the other hand, the icons help to improve the aesthetics of the page , and reinforce its style . To do this, you have to choose them carefully; but if the result is good, they will take the appearance of the page to another level.

In short, handling, managing and locating icons in web design is a task that, far from seeming simple, is reserved for web page creation professionals . If you want to know how to use them correctly on any page, the ideal is that you train to be a web designer .