That is, to organize the work carried out by all its members , so that the tasks to be carried out are carried out both within the established deadlines and with the quality and result that they should have. Normally, this professional must have specific knowledge of management , and also of design , which they can learn in a Master in Design Management , which combines the teaching of both disciplines. With it you will learn both the fundamentals of design and what you need to work in the sector, as well as the techniques of managing creative teams . Do you want to know which ones are the most suitable? Here you have them.

Management of creative teams: foundations for them to work well

The management of creative teams must be developed from the foundations established in the company. They are the basic principles for the company to function as a perfect gear. This will be possible with good management and a staff that , first of all, knows its tasks . And, secondly, the position it occupies in the organization chart of the company . This way they will know what task they have to carry out, but also who to inform and ask for help and collaboration when they need it. In addition, it will be possible to better plan the work and assign the tasks to the most suitable professional in a more agile way.

Likewise, the person in charge of managing the design teams, or Design Manager , must also be clear about their main functions . This way, you always know what you have to do, and how far you can go. But what you should always keep in mind is that you are the head of everything related to image and design in the company you work for. And also to be aware of the main innovations , both in their field and in those that are related to it.

What is a creative team?

So far we have seen the basics of everything that surrounds a creative team, both the company in which it works, as well as those related to who leads and manages it. But we haven’t yet explained what a creative team is, or who makes it up. Quite simply, it is a group of usually five to ten people who work together to achieve a design-related goal . This can be from the creation of a new product from scratch, to the achievement of a differential advance in one that is already on the market. Also, the launch of an advertising campaign or the proposal of a new service, among others.

The members of a creative team will all stand out for their ability to work with high levels of creativity . Although each one in his field: image, sound, design, writing or animation, among others. But everyone must have someone responsible to guide and direct them .

He will also be in charge of controlling the progress of each project , its timing and delivery dates. He is even in charge of controlling and managing the egos of each member of the team, and also of listening, processing and accommodating , if necessary, the ideas of each one. Managing all this is not at all easy. Therefore, in the management of creative teams, various techniques can be used to facilitate the entire process.

Techniques for managing creative teams

The basis for successful creative team management is that its members are motivated. Achieving it, especially when the project is not excessively attractive, is also partly the task of the manager of each team. This will be the one who directs the team and its creativity sessions. Because a creative team, to function properly, will have to dedicate an important part of its meetings to the presentation and generation of ideas and solutions for the challenges that lie ahead. As unusual as they may seem.

Then, after their proposals, the creative team manager will analyze their feasibility and suitability , and also discuss them with the team . All this to reach an agreement on the most suitable, and/or those that have the best chance of becoming a reality.

Then, a prototype must be developed based on each selected idea , to finish defining it and provide more details to the original idea. Then the team will have more clues as to whether they are viable or not, and will be able to choose the most suitable ones . In any case, all the ideas of the team must be treated with respect , and their proposal and development must be listened to without underestimating them . A problem that can inhibit creativity , just in an environment that must bet on the opposite: let it develop as much as possible.

The management of creative teams must also promote and encourage joint work , thereby achieving greater complicity among its members. Of course, the one in charge of its management and leadership must take measures so that the team members feel safe and strengthened . And create and maintain the necessary environment for it. Because an insecure professional will inhibit your ideas, and your creativity will suffer.

The team must also work in an environment where dialogue and the exchange of ideas are encouraged . As a consequence, the work environment will improve, communication will grow and interest in the work of other team members will also grow. Also, for learning new disciplines and techniques , which makes not only each member of the team evolve, but also the team as a whole.

These are some of the techniques and tips that can be followed to optimize the management of creative teams. With them, you will get the work to flow with more agility . But also to help team members grow, both professionally and personally. So don’t think about it, and put them into practice to manage your creative team.