What Are the Career Prospect in PharmD in 2020

After you have acquired your bachelor’s degree or equivalent certification for a PharmD degree and completed pharmacy school, the career choice apparently is to become a pharmacist. A full-time pharmacist in a retail company is responsible for administering and giving out prescription medicines.

They educate customers about drug usage, side effects, and advise on how to take precautions during sudden virus outbreaks and prevent getting sick. Pharmacists work in close collaboration with healthcare providers.

The best-paying states and districts for pharmacists are Alaska – $137,650, at $136,100 California stands second, New Hampshire’s highest mean salary is $128, 790, Vermont and Wisconsin at $128,380 and $124, 060 respectively.

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However, there are many different job roles to consider in this field in 2020. Let’s take a look.

Medication therapy expert

In several clinics that cater to different segments of the population in the US, pharmacists play an integral role in medication therapy management. This is required especially for patients who suffer from chronic illnesses like asthma, diabetes, arthritis and high blood pressure. They help patients achieve expected therapeutic results via proper use of medication, lifestyle choices, and diet.

Geriatric Pharmacist

By 2021, nearly 40 percent of the U.S. senior citizens will likely take half of the healthcare resources. The advances are made in geriatrics at different universities to make PharmD degree students excel in geriatric pharmacy. They will specialize in prescribing medications for elderly persons.

Over-the-counter medicine counselors

A PharmD degree holder in the US is often on the top line of healthcare. Apart from dispensing medicines and checking patients for ill effects and drug interactions, they also provide crucial counseling services. Over-the-counter medicine counseling is becoming a great career option today as there is an increasing demand for alternative medicine experts in the US market.

The universities that offer a three-year Doctor of Pharmacy program have wonderful training sites for clinical and medicinal practice to develop practical and professional knowledge. Thus, if you are good, you can get managerial positions within the retail pharmacy chain.

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Governmental Pharmacy officer

Federal, local and state government agencies like Food and Drug Administration, National Institutes of Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, US Department of Veterans Affairs require skilled Pharmacy officers. Many students who have a PharmD degree get to work in government agencies.

Multi-lingual pharmacist

Pharmacists with bilingual or multilingual knowledge are more in demand in 2020. Hence, along with a PharmD degree, many universities are offering programs, mentorship, scholarships, and paid internship benefits to students who apply for learning Spanish or can moderately speak Spanish and are interested to serve Spanish-speaking population in the US. You also get the opportunity to work abroad with multilingual expertise.

Pharmaceutical scientists

Pharmaceutical manufacturing companies use highly sophisticated, modern drug therapy which requires technical expertise in their sale and marketing team. In addition, the field of R and D gives countless scopes for pharmaceutical scientists, which includes roles like drug isolation and synthesis, formulation, quality control, packaging, dosage form, etc.

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Because of their know-how in drug therapy and healthcare delivery model, Pham D graduates are actively hired by pharmaceutical manufacturing companies.

Pharmacy students with specialized skills like legal practice, consulting, pharmacy affairs, drug information and poison control are very much in demand with a good salary.

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