What is Causing Internet Outages?

The internet is a worldwide connection of networks. In today’s technological era, almost all the aspects of our daily lives rely on internet connection. All communication, work, entertainment, learning, and much more depends on reliable internet access. An internet outage can paralyze the operations of a business and disrupt communication with customers.

All internet service providers are susceptible to outages that prevent connection to the internet. Any disruption to connection on the internet can cause confusion because you lose touch with the world. An outage can occur because of a small issue or a large scale failure in connectivity, and it is inevitable.

Why Outages Occur

Every internet outage has a cause and a solution. Once you determine the cause, you can find ways to resolve it. Below are some of the common causes of internet outages we experience all the time:

Network Congestion

Network congestion is among the leading causes of outages. It comes as a result of more people accessing the network at the same time. This causes queuing and can result in a slow network or temporary blackout of the network. In most cases, congestion occurs in public places.

Congestion is often predictable, and it is an outage problem that can be resolved or prevented by the internet service provider.

Equipment and Hardware Failure

A fault in the hardware and equipment setup can be the reason behind the outage. A switch, router, modem, and other equipment can fail and cause disruption. The equipment can be old or damaged, which will cause disruption and eventual network failure.

An outage can also be due to the network equipment not being properly grounded and protected, leading to damaging of cables and short circuits that are a result of power surges and fluctuations. Power fluctuations can confuse the network switches and lead to disruption in the network.

Any incompatibility in the hardware and firmware can also cause connecting problems, although rarely does this happen. Any suspicion with hardware and firmware issues should be discussed with a technician who will advise whether you should update the hardware devices. Technical problems can be resolved by just replacing the faulty equipment with updated versions.

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Errors in Operation

When the internet connection is not installed properly, an operation error will occur. If cables are plugged into wrong ports, firewalls are misconfigured, IP addresses are duplicated or found to be incorrect, an operation error will occur.

A popup message will appear saying that the IP address is already in use on that network. They will recommend you reconfigure another IP address different from the one you are using. The reason being that the two computers are using the same IP address.

This issue can be resolved by restarting your computers.

Bad Weather Conditions

You will notice that the internet slows down whenever it rains. Bad weather like a storm can affect internet speed by exposing faults and limitations in the broadband network. Strong winds will make all network links to break. This can cause slow internet speeds, intermittent service, or lost connection.

Bad weather causes damage to network infrastructures indirectly. It can damage the equipment connecting to the internet line, or fray or break internet wires. This issue can be fixed by a network support team.

Fluctuations in Internet Speed

If the internet services provider’s lines are not well set up and optimized, they can lead to congestion and cause network interruptions and fluctuations in the internet speed. At other times you will experience a massive internet outage affecting the whole area. This may be because the service provider is carrying out maintenance work or has problems with connectivity.

Congested networks will result in short reconnections and consecutive internet disruptions, which is very irritating to the user knowing that they pay for speedy connections bur receive very slow rates of internet service. Most outages often occur in the evenings when many users are using the internet.


Internet outages can also be caused by power outages, failed links to services providers or through damage to infrastructure by people or animals. Some outage problems can be resolved by a technical team while others can be corrected by reconfiguring the equipment. Working with your ISP provider can help get back your internet connection in the shortest time possible.

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