How Call Recording Keep Your Child Safe from Dangers


Have you ever wondered what happen when sharing contact details with some unknown person? There are many bad things thing conduct that put your child in dangerous situations. Here in this article we cover how monitoring call logs using parental control app helps parent in keeping child safe.


It is the era of social media. Like it or not everyone is on it. What are particularly alarming about this are the children, in particular, how safe they are online. It can be hard to judge what they are viewing and whom they are talking with online. Anyone can be an impersonator to extract valuable information from your children. The children, of course, are not mature enough to distinguish right from wrong. There is only that much you as a parent can do. Juggling work, household chores and monitoring your children can get hard. What you require is a little bit of help with call recording.

What is Call Recording?

Call recording apps automatically records conversations done through the phone. All recorded calls get stored in servers that can then be accessed and listened on demand.

Why Call Recorder is one of The Most Important Features?

All details of the call like the phone number and duration of the conversation are viewable. This will be especially helpful in the case of kids. Download the app, and you can listen to their discussions later to be sure if they are okay. You can know if they are being bullied or if they are having trouble at school. The children might otherwise hesitate to share such details on their own, but using a call recorder is a safe way to make sure you keep your peace of mind.

Why Parents Need Spy Call Recorder for Kids?

TiSPY Call Recording
TiSPY Call Recording

The most popular app currently to help you record calls is TiSPY Phone Monitoring App. It is an all-in-one parental monitoring app that is chock full of useful features. TiSPY is incredibly easy to use, and its features are accessible, making it one of the best in its categories.

  • Record all incoming and outgoing calls on your child’s phone.
  • Any call done on the target device will be tracked and recorded.
  • Recover the recorded conversations online remotely on your device to hear later.
  • Each conversation will have its own details list that will include the date and time of each call.
  • TiSPY will also retrieve the recorded conversations and the contact information for you along with the duration of the call.
  • The entirety of the call log of your child’s phone will be recorded showing the direction of the call, whether incoming or outgoing, with the phone number, email id, and any other details available.

TiSPY Also Has Many Other Features for You Along With Call Recording.

Tispy-Parental Control App
Tispy-Parental Control App

Remote Access

Using TiSPY’s dashboard, you can block any harmful phone numbers remotely from your device. All included TiSPY is a pretty powerful tool that can help ease your parenting duties a lot.

GPS Location

The app will provide you with live geolocation of your child so that you can be aware of where they are consistent. All messages going out and coming in are recorded for you.

Social Media Monitoring

One particularly useful feature that TiSPY has is monitoring specific popular social apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Tinder, etc.


With the help of a keylogger, you can find out what your child is typing on their phone live.

Internet Usages

Have you thinks what kids doing online? What are they browsing? In this era it’s very essential for parent to monitor kid’s internet usages. TiSPY also lets you monitor their internet use and any URLs that your child visits.

Block Call/Messages/Application

TiSPY will let you block any malicious application and block phone numbers and SMS from your child’s phone using its dashboard.

Live Panel

One very unique feature of this application is its live features. TiSPY will capture a photo and depending on internet availability. This is useful in case the phone gets stolen.

Health Monitor

TiSPY also records the health status of your children. It will count how many steps they have taken and how many calories they have burnt throughout the day.


TiSPY also records any text that may have been copied for posting somewhere else. Like the child is copying an article or a message to send to someone else. All of these will be available in the clipboard section.

Final Thought

Do not be ashamed or hesitant to take an active step today and download TiSPY to make sure your children are safe. It only takes one wrong choice to destroy everything you have built. It can be hard to judge the intentions of others online even for adults, which makes it all the more difficult for children. Do not wait for your children to get hurt and for something to happen to take action. Download this app right now and start monitoring your children. Record calls, SMS, location, track phone, and so much more take advantage of the free trial period to judge if you like it and they buy the full package. Reviews show you will end up buying the whole subscription.

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