What is the best way to prepare for the CISA exam?


To achieve CISA credentials, someone needs to appear for the CISA exam, you need to register for the CISA exam first. Online registration process in such a way as it allows you to register for the exam, help the purchase study and membership ISACA. Membership is immediately given an exam – discount. The exam registration fee for members is US $ 575 and for non-members of US $ 760.

CISA exam format:

The CISA exam has a 200-800 scale with 450 as a sign of passing for the exam. Scale scores are conversions from raw scores on the test to a general scale.

CISA exams are carried out 3 times per year worldwide in June, September and December. So, the exam consists of five parts with 200 MCQ with one correct answer per question score based on the predetermined value, not all questions have value. The minimum 450 passing score will give you certification.

The CISA exam is 4 hours long and you must appear at least 30 minutes before or before the orator starts explaining the exam.

After passing the exam you will receive your test results in a letter in 5 weeks. After that you have to submit a certification separately, with the evidence of your 5-year experience and work performance and agree with sustainable education and ethical standards

CISA exam preparation:

Now, passing the CISA exam is not cakewalk. You need to prepare before and that is also the right strategic way. Go for CISA training that offers your special solutions, flexible, interesting methods and outlining ads-ware guidelines / reading and college / doubts that have cleaning sessions from experts, also mock sessions and exam simulators. In our company, we recommend Mercury solutions for professionals who are looking for improved skills. They offer various programs and launch training every month. Try to talk to their consultants.

Measuring CISA Examination Difficulties: How hard does the CISA exam?

How hard does the CISA exam? One of the most common questions we get is about how hard the CISA exam. This is definitely a subjective question but we will try to give you useful answers based on comparison with other qualifications, and comments from past takers. In this article, I will break it down for you, a piece by piece. I will show you all the CISA exam elements and difficulty levels, so you have a better understanding before you start.

What is the purpose of the CISA exam?

When trying to understand how difficult the test, the first step is to understand the purpose of a particular exam. What should be learned or obtained by individuals from taking it? What should they live?

Passing the CISA exam means you have proven an understanding of the information contained with the exam. This does not mean you have been trained in certain types of tools or proprietary software. Instead, the CISA exam has a wider focus. Furthermore, the CISA exam goal is to show that you have the knowledge and experience needed for any job role that requires CISA certification.

This shows that you have obtained and maintained the skills needed to become valuable assets for employers in the field. According to ISACA, “With increasing demand individuals who have audit skills, control, and security, CISA has become a certification program that is liked by individuals and organizations throughout the world.”

CISA appointment is made for professionals with work experience in an information system audit, control or security. This is a way to distinguish these professionals from those who do not meet the requirements and certified. This can help you qualified for new positions, salary increases, or work in new companies, among others.

CISA examination levels in terms of exam content

Most readers tend to agree: syllabus and test content are not too difficult. However, this is a test of one part with only 150 questions. Compared to other exams in the niche, it’s lighter. That said, it requires basic knowledge of various topics, versus specific knowledge in a narrower focus. Depending on your learning style and previous experience, this can make it feel harder.

This certification requires 5 years of experience and is therefore not intended for those who have just started working. If you work at IT auditors for several years, it is clearly easier than those who do not have relevant experiences. Because most people who take CISA training have worked in the industry for 5 years, they will find information about the test easier than someone who just started.

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