What’s The Secret Behind Alibaba Cloud’s 90% Growth?

What’s The Secret Behind Alibaba Cloud’s 90% Growth

Aliyun, yun or better known as Alibaba Cloud is the cloud computing wing of the Alibaba Group. Alibaba cloud is not really a new player in the market, but lately, the adoption has grown immensely. There have been reports that more 1 million paying customers are using Alibaba Cloud at the moment. It is believed that the yearly revenue rate of Alibaba Cloud is somewhere like $2.1 billion. At present, the cloud is available in 18 regions, and there are around 49 availability zones, in and out of China. Recently, the cloud computing wing even entered the new regions in London. And in Germany, they together work with Vodafone.

The unbelievable expansion of Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba offers a wide variety of cloud computing solutions to the enterprise. Their products and services are majorly segregated into divided into seven major classes namely Security and Management, Database, Elastic Computing and Networking, Applications, Domains, and the seventh one being Storage and CDN and Analytics. When it comes to the users of the cloud, they are eligible to make use of the complete cloud offerings. Also, there is an immense amount of security being provided to the users. And, the users get the option to use the record-breaking computing power and various tools to safeguard the data.

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As per NASDAQ, Alibaba’s market cap is expected to cross the $250 billion as per year. However, it still has to do a lot more to match up to Amazon, which is presently valued at $400 billion. Alibaba’s cloud computing wing is growing at a rapid pace. And the witness to this is the triple-digit jump each passing year. If we go by that growth, it seems that this cloud unit may surpass the competition very soon. It might even set a new record for the cloud computing market to follow.

Why is Alibaba Cloud growing at such brisk pace?

Alibaba Cloud is regarded as one of the top cloud computing businesses in the industry. The reasons are many, but in this article, we will explore a few of the top features:

  • High-class security

One of the major concerns of every firm adopting cloud computing is the security of their data. This is one of those areas where every cloud computing company focuses and makes sure that they are at their best. When it comes to Alibaba cloud, they have done a remarkable job in making sure that the data security is at par. The tremendous web security experience of the Alibaba cloud computing gives an extra point to the company. Also, with so many established e-commerce platforms, it is proven that Alibaba Group knows the importance of cybersecurity. Therefore, they have made sure that cloud computing wings has the strongest security features across the industry. The Anti-DDoS Basic integration with the ECS makes the offering a lot more solid. Also, it is perfect to protect the data of any firm against any sort of DDoS attacks. Also, the Offshore software Development company makes sure that the users have a lot more control over the security parameters. Mobile Security Firewall, Web Application Firewall as well as Anti-DDoS Pro are some of the other security features of the cloud.

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  • Boosts the production process

One of the many features of using Alibaba cloud includes the potential of the cloud to improve the production processes throughout a host of industries. This has made possible by the Cloud-based data analytics. Also, the way it does that is quite fascinating. One of the most astonishing example here is that of Fujitsu. The company is making use of the wonderful analytical capabilities of a cloud in order to enhance the yield of both lettuce and spinach. They are doing it in the most fascinating manner. They are making use of the sensors which are present in the hydroponic greenhouses, and through them, a lot of useful data is generated. The data which is made is then further used to set the perfect heating and LED lighting setups. This is done to boost both the volume as well as the quality of spinach and lettuce.

  • High scalability and immense capabilities

One of the two major features that make Alibaba Cloud one of the most preferred cloud computing option are the hybrid capabilities as well as the immense scalability. The firm is well known for both. As we know that they are powered by the one of the universe’s biggest hybrid cloud set up. This includes the much talked about analytical abilities. Along with that, even the high end real-time data processing as well as the scalable computing power are the talks of the town! Alibaba has made sure that they have special services, which focus on the scalability factor. Also, the keep evolving to make sure that they match the needs of the industry. This is where it is scoring well.


Alibaba Cloud’s growth has been tremendous. In a short span of time, the cloud computing wig has grown nicely, and it has even evolved well. The bandwagon of services that they are offering and the ways in which Alibaba Cloud can benefit the firms are two of the biggest reasons behind its high adoption. Though, they are facing a tough competition from AWS, Google Cloud etc., but at the same time, their 90% revenue generation in one quarter is greatly symbolizing its impact in the market.

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