Why IG comments are more important than ever if you need more followers

Instagram is officially taking over other social media platforms by generating more than 1.6 billion likes in a single day. More than 60 million images are shared per day with more than 200 million active users.

With such booming expansion in the user base, the race to buildup followership has become intense. People are discussing strategies to increase their followers. Dedicated blogs are explaining ways to grow your followers. Everyone wants to be popular on Instagram like celebrities and famous personalities

It is fascinating to view private Instagramprofiles, how they can increase the followership on Instagram just by commenting on potentially viral photos and posts. Instagram comments are one of the several ways to increase your fan base provided that it is done properly.

Why have IG comments become more important than ever before?

Bridget Read in an article for Vogue wrote “On Instagram, the comments section is the new frontier in the app’s evolution from a platform once attractive for its immediacy and relative purity to something a lot more akin to its parent application, Facebook.”

The very nature of a reader to check out the comment section specially the top ones make them so important and almost as publicized as the post itself. Reading comments of a celebrity artist or your favorite athlete is a little bit like reading someone’s direct message.

Let see how commenting can improve engagement and highlight your profile as a delicious treat for new potential followers:

  • Tactical Comments Can Increase your Exposure to New Audiences

Only comment if you really think they can make an impact. If your comment is not practical or is not pointing out something radical, it can easily get lost in the plethora of other comments. If your comment can point out something amazing and interesting that is directly or indirectly related to the theme of the post, only then it has a chance to become the top comment of the post.

  • Questions that Provoke Discussions

IG algorithm is all about engagement and quality of your posts. It has been observed that simple yet well posed questions have become top comments; most replied to and most liked ones. Questions that provoke discussions and initiate debates can become even more popular than the post itself (sometimes). If you are able to start a chain reaction of comments against your question and/or comment you can subsequently attract profile visits and ultimately followers.

  • Avoid Generic Comments

This one piece of advice is going to serve millions of IG users. If you can avoid meek and mediocre comments, you can save your energy, time, and efforts. Generic and irrelevant comments can have a negative effect as well. Yes! If you are not careful in your comments and go overboard in saying something mean and offensive, you might actually lose followers. Remember it’s a double edged sword and put your whole follower building efforts to shame if executed in a wrong way.

  • Your Comments should Reflect Your Profile Theme

Your commenting game can only be fruitful if your profile supports it fully. If you are a business owner, artist, DIY expert or a small enterprise your comments must reflect and relate to the theme of your profile. Remember that your comments can only increase engagement and attract new users to your profile. It is your IG account and profile that has to do the rest of the work and convert a potential profile view into a follower and ultimately a loyal fan.

  • Importance of the first few Comments

Experts have suggested that the best of the first five comments on a post has the potential of becoming a hit comment. Timely, to the point, witty, and concise comments can get the most likes from the audience. Also, it has been observed that initial comments have a major role in promoting posts to the list of higher engagements and therefore most viewed and most followed content.

Another new trend that mostly focuses on comments to gather user’s attention is brands commenting on each other posts. The fans seem to be interested all the time in the humorous or other informative comments by their favorite brands and already proving the importance of commenting to gain popularity and followership.

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