Why should you go for Server AMC after the Warranty Period?

Servers have become the most important part of any IT business, and even a single minute of server downtime can create huge losses to your organization. Whether your company has a brand new or a refurbished server, it comes with a certain warranty period where all the repairs or replacements will be done at free of cost during the warranty period. But what if your server is out of warranty? Once the warranty of your server is exhausted, you need to take the help of professional hardware engineers and pay a huge amount for repairs or spare part replacements. Hiring a technician each time when your server comes across any issue might eat away lot your IT budget. Instead of looking out for a technician, you can enjoy benefits the same like as of warranty service with Server AMC.

Just analyze how much your organization depends on a server on any day. Sudden and unexpected failure causes a significant downtime which is not at all good for your company. Instead of hurrying up for an instant solution when a major breakdown occurs, think about s server annual maintenance contract with a reliable vendor. AMC lets you enjoy the benefits of regular server maintenance, and at the same time, you can get free of cost repairs and configuration upgrades at a nominal price.

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Does your company has multiple servers whose warranty has been expired? Are you facing frequent issues with your servers? If you are a startup or an SMB, it might not be a good option to hire a technician each time when there is an issue in your server. You may need to pay huge bills for repairs, replacements or upgrades. Avoid all these costs just by paying a onetime fee for the annual maintenance contract. There are many AMC service providers in India like Server Basket those who provide annual maintenance contracts starting from one year to as long as you want.

Reduces Maintenance Costs

Regular maintenance is very much essential for the smooth functioning of any brand server, be it a brand new or a refurbished server. If your server management is not your core business, it may become a difficult task to maintain servers. Server maintenance costs may go high when you hire in-house staff for looking over the server, as you need to pay special attention to their recruitment, training and pay their salaries. You may spend lots of money on designing a new office, getting it constructed as per your interests and then equipping the latest hardware, it is equally important to safeguard your IT hardware from any unexpected issues to keep your business running without any interruptions. Signing up for Server AMC helps you get most of your servers, and also you don’t have to worry about high repair costs after the warranty period.

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One of the most important aspects of choosing annual maintenance contract for your servers is it saves you from unexpected repair costs and keeps your server running 24/7. Regular maintenance not only saves your money but also boosts the productivity of your server.

Cost Savings on Configuration Upgrades/Replacements

Initially, you might have purchased a server by keeping the temporary needs in mind, but what if your IT business grows suddenly and demands more configuration than the existing one. You will definitely look to purchase spare parts with the higher configuration than the existing one. Most of the AMC service providers offer genuine spare parts from leading brands. Upon signing up the annual contract, you can purchase branded spare parts from them at a lower price than the MRP. If any hardware component of the server fails during the contract period, you can avail replacement with certified OEM parts. You will save a lot of your IT investment on server spares as most of the service providers in the market are providing discounts for the customers. With regular maintenance, your existing spares will run efficiently for longer durations, so chances of failures are very low.

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One Time Investment:

Unlike individual repairs, you don’t have search for technicians and shell out money every time when you have any issue with your server. Once you pay the one-time annual maintenance contract fee, you can avail the service any number of times you want. Choose the well-known AMC service provider who offers maximum benefits with minimum packages. Some companies also provide huge discounts when you renew the contract.

Regular Security Audits:

Under the server AMC contract, your server will be regularly monitored, and various security checks will be performed by experts to detect the loopholes and prevent major threats well in advance. Rest assured as your server will be safe from external threats such as viruses, malware attacks, unauthorized access, thus keeping your data safe from getting corrupted. Not only security checks, but even softwares updates to the latest versions will also be done under the contract at regular intervals.

Emergency Support

Unexpected breakdowns and downtime are the two major things that any organization never like to face. Sudden breakdowns can put you in a lot of troubles, and they must be resolved immediately to keep your business flowing. If anything goes wrong with your server, you can immediately contact the AMC service provider. Almost all the annual maintenance contract providers have a team of experts who are well versed with different types of servers, so they can immediately understand the issue and solve it before the situation gets worse.


The advantages of choosing Server AMC from Server Basket

  • No Extra Charges for Repairs
  • Configuration Upgrades at Lowest Price
  • Authenticity of Spare Parts
  • No Need of Maintaining Inhouse IT Team
  • Fixed Annual Pricing
  • Service From Expert Staff
  • Huge Discounts on Contract Renewals
  • 24/7 Instant Remote Tech Support


Servers are a very crucial investment, your entire business runs on, and it has all your crucial data. Every company expects the server to run long for longer periods without even a minute defect. By choosing a cost-effective annual maintenance service, your entire server, including the hardware, will be regularly checked by the experts to identify any threats well in advance before they create a serious problem. With a high-quality AMC service, your server will never encounter any failure, and you can run it round the clock. You will get complete peace of mind as you don’t have to worry much about server maintenance and issues, so you can concentrate more on increasing your business productivity and profits. AMC service provider well knows about your business operations, so they can help you upgrade to the best configuration with genuine spares at the lowest possible price.

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