8 Things an HR Must Know About the Workforce Management Software

Workforce Management Software

Workforce management software is designed to manage an organization’s activities, including employee recruitment and retention, payroll, training, etc. It also helps create policies for the employees, which helps increase productivity. A human resource department has many tasks, such as creating employment contracts with different terms and conditions, managing performance evaluations, and preparing annual leave and holiday policy documents. All these tasks can be done using the workforce management tool. The following things HR must know about workforce management software.

1.Recruitment module: This feature allows you to create job openings and post them on different platforms like career portals, social networking sites, etc. You can set a time limit for vacancy posting, and it will automatically post vacancies daily as per your requirement. In addition, you can also search for new candidates by uploading your resume or searching through social networking sites or the company database.

2.Payroll module: With this feature, one can calculate salaries based on the type of industry and location. The pay slips can be sent out via email along with the payment details. If there is any salary calculation discrepancy, then it can be corrected using the feature called ‘adjustments.’

3.Time tracking: Using this feature, you can track individual hours spent at work. It also calculates overtime hours and weekly/monthly average hours worked during the selected period.

4.Resource allocation: With this function, you can allocate resources to projects and view information regarding resource usage. You can assign tasks to resources and view task progress.

5.Costing & Budgeting: By using the budgeting feature, you can generate cost plans for different departments of your organization. For example, you can plan for human resources, equipment, materials, and other expenses. After completion of each month, the total amount can be calculated and viewed in detail.

6.Leave management: Leave management module is quite useful for organizations where employees take leave regularly. It enables you to keep track of the leave taken by each employee. You can check when the employee last took leave and also what was his reason for taking leave.

7.Workflow process: With workflow processes, you can create multiple steps to complete a particular action. The step can be manually or automatically triggered once certain conditions are met. In addition to that, you can define approval levels for each step. Once approved, the step can be completed.

8.Reporting and Email notifications: Reporting tool enables you to generate reports according to your need. With its help, you can generate reports for various aspects of business analysis, such as sales, finance, marketing, etc. You can also send automated emails about events like attendance, absence, late arrival, etc., to your employees.

Workforce management software is a useful tool for an organization to use. With it, the HR department can perform all their tasks in an easy and organized manner. VCS offers workforce management software solutions specially tailored to suit your business needs in terms of size and nature. Workforce management software will help you in assessing your organization and suggest the best solution for your organization.

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