Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, the new phone that supports Chinese Xiaomi’s 5G technology, has been announced. Here are the possible features of the new smartphone and the date of release.

Countdown for Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 started. The Chinese company will announce its new phone to the world on 24 February, at Mobile World Congress. It is the first 5G technology phone and in the world, it is powered by powerful Snapdragon 855 processor.

Looking inside the device, the X50 LTE modem draws attention and the 5G speed will offer to the phone from this modem. This means that when the device uses 5G it will be able to reach 2 Gbps download speed.

However, not all models of Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 will support 5G. 5G models are available with special colour options available. However, there is no official announcement by the company.