Every now and then we often find it difficult to download our favorite movies and TV shows. The main reason behind this is that we don’t find any trusted & appropriate platform that guides us to the correct link. This leads us landing to a page that annoys most people. For tech-savvy people, it might not be difficult to find an alternative that they can trust. But, if we talk about people who know only a few of the platforms by which they can get the movie or TV series they are looking for, it is quite a tough ask. This article will guide you to a trusted and one of the most loved platforms where you’ll get most of the movies, web series, and many more.

What is Zooqle?

Most of us might know about BitSnoop and its popularity. This platform was one of the favorites of many people for downloading movies before 2017. BitSnoop’s search engine was shut down in the year 2017 and left millions of people disappointed. That search engine served people from 2008 to 2017, not a less period though. But the question was what next? Here came its alternative or the right word to say is its redirected site, Zooqle.


Zooqle is also a torrent search engine just like BitSnoop was and it is known to contain all the data of its fellow platform (BitSnoop). This new platform might not be as much popular as BitSnoop was, but we can’t deny that its success won’t take much longer time. Zooqle is one such platform that will not disappoint you either you are looking for the latest movie or an old one. At this torrent indexing website, you will find verified torrent links for downloading the content.

What it has got?

As we are discussing since the start, Zooqle is a torrent search engine where you can get movies, TV shows, web series, games, applications, audiobooks, and software. One of the plus points of this movie downloading platform is that you will get the database of verified torrent links. This site will give you search results from various genres, countries, languages, and video qualities. It will make your specific search easy by giving you an organized view of the result page.

Key features of Zooqle

Zooqle has gained the trust of many across the globe and the numbers are increasing at a great pace. For anything to gain popularity there must be some unique or attractive factors that magnetize people. Zooqle also has some important points that people love. Let us discuss them.

  • Wide range of verified database

One of the most important factors of any platform providing links for movie download is the database. That platform should have enough search databases that users must get what they are looking for. Zooqle is there for you to provide movies of every genre, language, and country. What else a movie lover wants? Apart from movies as discussed above, this website also gives links for software, audiobooks, games, and web series.

  • Simple user interface

Zooqle.com has one of the simplest user interfaces when compared to similar websites. This is another prime reason why users admire Zooqle. It also provides easy movie download for users who don’t have much knowledge about the internet. The landing page of this website has a search bar at the top alongside hyperlinks for categories and subcategories. The user just has to place the cursor to see the entire list and click on the one he/she wishes for.

Besides giving an organized view of genres, Zooqle also shows popular movies, TV shows, & web series at the home page including a section named ‘new season’. By clicking on the ‘new season’ tab you will see the latest TV shows and web series all in one place. Users also have the liberty to get search results by typing the name of their favorite actor/actress.

  • Video quality

This website will also give you the option to download videos in different qualities. Users can select the quality according to the device they want to play video in. This also makes it easier for people to download according to the data speed they have.

  • Attractive landing page

Looks matter the most and this thing has been taken seriously by Zooqle. The home page of this website is simple yet attractive. You will see a segregated list of various movies, TV shows, and web series. The list contains the name, color poster, and video quality available. This design also gives an informative view to the site, that is what loved by the visitors.

The above-mentioned are some of the features of Zooqle that you can only experience after using the website. There might also be the possibility that you can find another amazing thing about this platform. As of now, Zooqle is one of the best torrent search engines where you can get the videos you want. Plus, it is easy to use as well. So, what are you waiting for, visit Zooqle and spend your leisure time watching favorite movies or series.

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