A packaging design is, on many occasions, the complement that can make the product it contains even more attractive than it is. In addition to protecting it from bumps and other types of damage, it can also be one of the elements that can be used to convey the image of the brand or company that manufactures the product. Therefore, its design is much more important than it seems. Learning packaging design goes beyond being able to develop a mere container for a product. In addition, it is also responsible for communicating the message that its manufacturer wants to convey

Thanks to everything we have mentioned, among other things, a well-designed packaging can become one of the elements with which a brand or a company can be identified. It can also, if it carries the appropriate printed information and also seems to protect the product, increase the confidence of the consumer who buys the product in the company that manufactures it. In addition, it can become one of the elements that just by seeing it makes us remember the product or its brand. In many cases, it also plays a decisive role in the decision to purchase a product, which is why packaging design is a very important ingredient in the marketing and sales plan.

In general, well-designed packaging is created taking into account a series of characteristics that positively influence its success. Next, we show you some of the most important to achieve it.

Packaging design: aspects to take into account

That packaging design is a success is conditioned by many factors. Most of them have to be taken into account even before the product for which it is going to be designed and manufactured is ready. Because just as it happens with the product, in the design of the packaging that will protect it, many factors must be taken into account: the target audience that will be addressed, their lifestyle or the function that the product will have.

The corporate image of the brand must also be taken into account , since all the packaging of the products that are launched under it will have to have a consistent design. In this way the user can identify that a product belongs to the brand in question even from a distance. In case your opinion of the brand is favorable, it may be a call to approach and see what product it is .

The packaging of a product must also be perceived as a differentiating element . That is, not only that the product must be differentiated from those of its competition. So should your packaging, which must be consistent with our brand.

Packaging design is not an immutable process. It is not enough to design a container for a product and terminate the process. From time to time it will have to be updated , with the aim of renewing its image, and presenting an innovative, modern and attractive aspect for the product.

Keys to packaging design

In addition to taking these preliminary questions into account, the packaging design must be planned taking into account that it must meet several objectives. Mainly, it has to aspire to be unforgettable, but also attractive and fun. Also, handling and opening it should be easy .

The packaging design must also aim for the container to be easily identifiable and attract attention. The image or logo that identifies the brand or the company that markets it must be in a visible and prominent place , in order to generate brand image. On the other hand, it must have an aspect and dimensions according to those of the product it protects. Thus, it should not be too loud, too big, or too small .

Therefore, for packaging design it is essential to know the dimensions that the product will have , in order to be able to manufacture it with the right size. It also has to have a color and other graphic elements that are associated with said product, and with its brand. The materials with which it is made must be light , and if possible, they must have a point of originality. In addition, it is appropriate that these materials are environmentally friendly .

On the other hand, the manufacture of packaging must always keep in mind the budget and the general economic situation. Not only that of the company that produces it, but also that of the consumer for whom the product is intended. Logically, the company that manufactures the product will want to have the best possible design for the packaging, with the most suitable and comfortable materials and design possible. But always fit your budget

To achieve a good packaging design, it is best to have a professional or a company with experts in this type of design. This is achieved with specific training in packaging design. In this type of higher education, all the keys to achieving attractive packaging designs are given.