What is Motion Design and what is it for?

Motion Design

It is very convenient for companies to use it and now we are going to tell you why.

What is Motion Design?

We are sure that you have already heard of this term on several occasions, especially if you are familiar with the world of design. In our Master in Motion Design you will be able to get to know this discipline in depth, which allows you to generate visual identities through the moving image. To define it in some way,Motion Designis theanimation of an image, whatever the medium in which it is introduced: video, a web page… Technology and design have revolutionized in a more than important way what a few years ago it used to be known as image and graphics animation, and now it’s being included “natively” in all forms of content we know.

If we are able to use it properly, with a correct execution, it can help us to increase the level of visibility of the message that we need to transmit.

The truth is thatMotion Design, animated graphics,is capable of considerably reducing the amount of thought and planning workthat is needed to be able to create truly effective visual communications designed in good conditions. The moment you incorporate it properly into your strategy, it’s amazing how the most normal videos can be turned into very compelling videos for the user, creating content that is great. And we already know the importance of quality content right now.

What is it for?

Mainly, theuse of Motion Design is to transmit a message, a content visually.

We must think that users consume immense amounts of content, searching for and devouring the one that seems most attractive to us and that is easily digestible, such as, for example, the one that circulates on social networks. Motion is a very convincing way tocapture the user’s attentionto convey what we want to say.

You know very well thatvideo is very advantageous for your marketing plan, such as promotional animations, which help you capture an idea in a short and simple way. Well, with Motion Design, you can strengthen a campaign in a very powerful way.

Since the world is a world, design has been a widely used resource toexplain complex messages thanks to visual representation. Today we still use design, but thanks to the advent of new technologies, we can make these images move.

Basically, the Motion is used for that, to give movement to the images in a way that allows difficult ideas to be explained in a simple and clear way.

Currently, more and more companies and brands are betting on this type of corporate videos to promote their products and services thanks to the great benefits they can bring to their users, such as understanding what is offered more easily. .

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