How to Make the Most Out of Outsourced Marketing Campaigns

Outsourced Marketing Campaigns

As your business grows, so will your marketing needs. Even with a marketing team working on your campaigns full-time, you may need an expert to work on specific marketing tasks. Tasks like content creation, graphic design, and email marketing can be tedious and take much time to complete. This is why more and more businesses rely on outsourced marketing professionals for more complex tasks.

With outsourced marketing you can get complicated, time-consuming marketing tasks done at a fraction of the price. By outsourcing, you’ll get a professional with years of experience working with various clients..

According to Digital Authority Partners, outsourcing your marketing campaigns or hiring an outsourced CMO has a lot of benefits but it’s up to you, as the business owner/manager, to make the most out of this strategy. Consider the following strategies to maximize your outsourced marketing campaigns.

Define Your Goals and Delegate Tasks

Just like any kind of marketing strategy, you start by defining your goals. What do you want to achieve? Do you want to boost engagement, rank higher on search engines, create a more expansive journey for your website visitors?

Take time to discuss what you need to get done and provide clear expectations with your outsourced help. Meet your outsourced marketer personally or through video call together with your marketing team. Discuss your plans for your next campaigns and include a review of your previous ones. Note the outcomes of these strategies for your bottom line, and provide data analytics from them to use as a basis for creating a better, more efficient campaign.

Delegate tasks and make sure your outsourced marketer is aware of each member’s role. Don’t forget to document your meetings and ask for timely reports.

Your Outsourced Expert Is Your Team Member

Welcome your outsourced expert and make sure they’re comfortable working with your team. An outsourced expert should be treated as a member of your team and not as an outsider. They must be part of virtual and actual meet-ups, team activities, and team-building tasks. The more they’re comfortable working with you and your team, the more efficiently and collaboratively they can work with your team on various projects.

Hire Only The Best Experienced Marketer

The best way to get the most out of hiring an outsourced marketer is to get the best one for the job. Suppose you need help with social media marketing? You need a marketer with years of experience with social media campaigns who has created strategies for businesses similar to yours. If you need someone to improve your email reach, you need an email marketing professional who understands email marketing and how to properly launch an efficient email campaign.

Aside from experience in a particular marketing strategy, consider a marketer with advanced knowledge and skills in various marketing tools and programs. If your website runs on WordPress, a marketer with a keen knowledge of WordPress features and plug-ins can help. For email marketing specialists, knowledge and experience using updated email marketing tools can massively enhance your email campaigns.

Check-In Regularly

Check-in daily especially during the first few days just to find out how your worker is doing. Find out if there are any questions, any concerns about the campaign. If you can’t personally oversee your worker, ask him to submit task updates before the end of the day or the end of the shift.

Regular checks will create a sense of urgency and responsibility. You can also take these chances to evaluate your marketing strategies. Start an audit before a campaign to find out which strategies work best and which ones you should let go of. Meanwhile, audits during a campaign help evaluate tasks and prevent costly mistakes.

Never Micromanage

As much as you want to check on your team’s progress hour after hour, closely monitor every email, every post, this behavior creates uncertainty. Avoid micromanaging your outsourced marketer and your team. As much as possible, motivate them and instill a sense of responsibility and confidence.

Show your workers that you’re confident in their capabilities, skills, and knowledge. Show everyone that you believe in their expertise, that they can lead your team and your marketing efforts to victory!

Rather than micromanaging every task, create a daily or weekly task sheet. This list includes all the tasks that need to be completed with specific deadlines for each. Let your outsourced expert and your marketing team work according to their pace. Let them express their opinion and use their talents freely. According to, employees that are allowed to use their talents, skills, and strengths perform much better and are more engaged. They are less likely to quit their jobs as well.

Stay Involved

Let your workers work according to their momentum, let them create strategies to improve their tasks. This does not mean you can leave everything to your outsourced marketer. Stay involved in the program to amplify trust over your outsourced worker.

Take time to evaluate the performance of your outsourced CMO just like you would evaluate the performance of your team. Give feedback on their projects, consider performance metrics, and remind any missed milestones in your marketing plans.

Consider the Challenges–and Opportunities–of Remote Outsourced Work

Part of hiring an outsourced CMO is to understand its drawbacks. Most outsourced professionals are located remotely and thus, you and your team may need to make some minor adjustments.

You may need to consider time zone differences, especially for experts located abroad. Differences in languages, customs, and beliefs should also be taken into account. Handle these minor issues by using scheduling apps, flowcharts, and documentation.

Final Words

Hiring an outsourced CMO is an efficient and practical strategy especially for a growing business. Maximize your outsourced marketer’s potential by considering these strategies. Don’t overlook minor drawbacks such as language and time zone differences. Even the small things count when you’re developing marketing strategies with an expert outsourced marketer.

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