5 common mistakes when implementing a CRM


Undefined goals.

One of the questions we should ask ourselves when we think about integrating a CRM into our processes is,what are the objectives we seek to achieve with the implementation of a CRM?. If we are not clear about the objectives, it will be difficult to identify if the system is adding value to our processes. In this sense, the support of the directors will be fundamental because they must transmit confidence to the team and how relevant it is for the Institution.

CRM parameterization.

The configuration and parameterization of the system is not a task that the systems area must carry out unilaterally, it can be a great support, but definitely the one who must be 100% involved is the marketing, admissions or sales area because they are the ones who will define the way to operate the system based on its processes and user profiles.

Sales process or registration not defined.

If the sales or registration process is still not clear, the necessary time should be taken to identify the stages that make up the process. It is not recommended that it be defined arbitrarily or considered as one more requirement when configuring the CRM because it could represent an obstacle to being able to work smoothly on a day-to-day basis.

Data import.

When Institutions do not have a CRM implemented, it is common for the information of their prospects to be in different data sources and it is very likely that the data is incomplete, duplicated, outdated or with errors, so it is very important to purge the information . Sometimes users insist on uploading their historical information because they do not want to start with an empty system or because they want to have comparative reports despite not having the data that the CRM requires to function correctly. Feeding the system with unrefined and incomplete information will have a negative impact on the expected result of the CRM.

Select CRM by price.

Undoubtedly, the price is a variable that must be considered in any acquisition that is going to be made, but the decision should not be based solely on the price, the requirements of the Institution, the time of adaptations and implementation must also be considered. On some occasions it could be more expensive for all the adaptations that have to be made or have problems for not being able to operate smoothly because the CRM does not adapt to the needs that you have.

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