5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Own Modem


Are you still renting your modem from your internet provider? While the conversation usually starts and ends with saving money; buying your own modem can be more beneficial than just saving a few extra bucks each year on your internet bill. Whether you’re only looking to cut back on your monthly internet bill or want to finally get the fast internet speeds you pay for, here are five reasons why you should buy your own modem.

It Can Save You Money Later

When you lease your modem, whether its from Verizon, DISH Network Internet, AT&T, or GotW3, you’re paying an extra fee on your bill every month. This fee varies per internet provider, but can cost you anywhere between $5-15 a month. Over time this adds up to being sustainably more than what it would have cost you to buy your own device outright. Purchasing your modem may be the best way to go if you’re signing a contract with your internet provider or plan on staying with them for an extended period of time. The cost of the equipment could cost you less upfront than the equipment lease fee added together for 2 years.

Get The Speeds You Pay For

Did you know that the quality and speed of your connection can also suffer from leased equipment? Your modem has to be capable of supporting the internet speeds you’re paying for. Without searching the make and model of your leased equipment, you’d have no way of knowing it actually does support what you’re paying for. You could take your internet provider’s word for it, but do they really check? In addition, internet providers also add their own modifications and firmware updates that actually affect your speeds in a negative way up to and including sometimes even throttling speeds.

Save Space

Buying your own modem gives you more options than just technical ones. Are your modem and router two separate devices? You can get them in one combined device. A modem router combo saves space and which means less cords to deal with. They may go over better with family because they appear more tidy and nicer to look at.

More Reliable

When you buy your own modem, you know it’s new and fresh out of the box. This isn’t the case with leased equipment. You’re likely leasing very dated equipment that has been bounced from home to home and refurbished, possibly numerous times over its life before arriving at your home. While most providers will let you exchange their faulty equipment when it ceases to operate properly, it isn’t always free of cost and definitely not free of frustration.

Get The Features You Want

It’s no secret that technology evolves quickly. When you buy your own modem over leasing it through your internet provider, you get newer and upgraded versions than what they would have provided you. These newer versions most often have increased wireless range, parental controls, additional security settings and more. These features may not be top of mind in the moment of buying your modem router combo, but will provide a better experience than you would have gotten with a mediocre leased device.

Before buying your modem, it’s important to check with your internet provider. They likely have a list of approved modems you can use. Choosing one from their list is essential because they have been tested extensively by your internet provider to ensure their compatibility and performance on their network.

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