5 Tips for a Better Super Bowl Experience

Super Bowl 54 is right around the corner and the hype is getting real. If you are one of the millions that are not fans of the Kansas City Chiefs or the San Francisco 49ers, this post will help you make the whole experience better.

I will explore the top 5 tips that can add some extra enjoyment to the upcoming Super Bowl.

1 – Bet on Super Bowl 2020

The first obvious suggestion would be to place bets on Super Bowl 2020. The leading online bookmakers all have hundreds of different markets available.

You can pick some of the traditional options like moneyline, spreads and totals, or go wild with some of the alternatives. The real fun comes with the countless props at your disposal.

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You can bet on anything, from the length of the National Anthem to the number of commercials that will feature a dog. You want to place a wager on Trump? You got it. You want to bet that Shakira will show some cleavage? Sure!

The list of weird props is endless, and they can certainly improve the whole Super Bowl experience.

If you don’t fancy betting real money online, you can always enjoy a good old Super Bowl sheet. They come with a number of props and you can play against other people.

2 – Beat Your Friends, Family and Colleagues in Super Bowl Squares

Another great way to raise the stakes would be to challenge your friends, family or coworkers to a Super Bowl squares game. It’s one of the most popular office games for the NFL Grand Finale and for a good reason.

You can win the bragging rights for the next year or even put some real cash as a prize pool. You can win after every quarter, no matter which team’s ahead, so you will have something to cheer for during the whole game.

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3 – Throw a Super Bowl Party

One of the best ways to enjoy the Super Bowl is to invite people to your place. Throw a wild Super Bowl party with a ton of people, gallons of beer or snacks. The atmosphere will be awesome, and you won’t even care who wins at the end.

If that’s not your thing, you can always prepare a fancy dinner in a smaller circle of people instead. You’re the host, so it’s your call.

4 – Watch the Game at a Bar

One of the problems with throwing a big Super Bowl party is that you will have to clean after all the guests are gone. If you don’t really feel like it, you can always go to someone else’s party or visit a bar instead.

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The emotion will be there once again, and you won’t be the one doing the hard labor after all the fun is done.

There will be countless pubs, bars and other venues that will be broadcasting Super Bowl. I still recommend you reserve a table early because most of them will be full when the big day is here.

5 – Follow Twitter

Social media is a source of all sorts of hilarious memes, jokes, interesting facts, and other exciting pieces of information. Twitter is the best example and you can rest assured that Super Bowl 2020 will deliver once again.

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Just follow the most popular hashtags on Twitter during the big game and the fun is guaranteed. The creativity hits a new level during such events and I’m sure that taking a peek during commercials and breaks will be worth your while.

Extra Tip for Dog Lovers: Watch the Puppy Bowl

If you love dogs, I have an extra tip for you – watch the Puppy Bowl 2020! It’s one of the cutest sporting events in the whole world and features a game of football between rescued dogs. The event has been around since 2005 and it’s absolutely adorable.

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