The Top 5 Trending Logo Design Colors to Use in 2020 & Beyond

No doubt, influential logo color can strengthen any business or organization’s visibility. On the other end, the wrong color palette may lead to a diverse effect on the business. There is color psychology which tells that colors impact human emotions and behavior. A powerful color combination attracts the targeted audience and hence makes your brand memorable for the audience. Choice of colors if made wisely can improve a customer’s perception about a business and helps in the engagement of customers with the brand.

Consequently, in this article, we are going to discuss the most trending logo colors to use in 2020 and beyond. Take a look below to unveil the most trending colors to conveys your brand message in a crystal clear manner.

  1. Red Logos

Red traditionally symbolizes passion, excitement, strength, and anger. Red evokes a wide range of feelings from passion and love to fear and aggression. To trigger strong associations with the customer’s red color for the logo would be the best choice. Just like red can be seen from far away in the same way it would help you stand out from the crowd of your competitors. If you consider your brand as playful, youthful, loud and modern then the red color is the right choice. We associate this color with high emotions and can also be showed to stimulate appetite. Whether used alone or with any other color combination, red is a powerful choice for you.

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  1. Yellow Logos

Yellow is the color that defines fun, creativity, and warmth, unlike red it doesn’t show aggressiveness or passion. Positive emotions are portrayed through this color and generate festive vibes. Brands use this sunny logo to convey joy and fun to their customers. The yellow logo helps your brand radiate youthful energy and gives a sign of friendliness to its customers. However, yellow is not associated with maturity or luxury so it should be selected carefully according to your brand’s personality. It’s a soft, light, fresh color that has many cultural associations. Businesses that want to make their customers feel comfortable to use this vibrant color.

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  1. Blue Logos

Blue is the symbol of maturity and considered as the king of all colors. This color is used to show the seriousness of the brand. It creates a sign of trustworthiness among the audience. Blue is the color that can differentiate a brand from its competitors and stand out. This color is used by almost half of the brands in their logos. Blue is the right choice for your brand’s logo color if you want to exude classic confidence. However, there are various shades of blue, therefore choosing the correct shade of blue plays a vital role in conveying the brand’s message.

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  1. Orange Logos

Orange is a playful color making people feel full of energy. This color is located between red and yellow and possesses traits of both the colors. With its bright nature, it’s also considered more of a subtle and cozy one. Orange is often associated with a change and is used mostly by the brands who consider as different. It gives an energetic punch but also makes the audience feel comfortable. Do use this color as your brand’s logo if you want your brand to look friendly and approachable as a company logo design USA. This color may give an arrogant and immature feel, therefore it would be risky if you have brand related to finance, transport, etc.

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  1. Green Logos

Green symbolizes freshness, simplicity, and peace. Green is all about rest and giving relaxation to the eyes. It communicates both active decision-making and serenity. It’s neither as aggressive as red nor as energetic as orange but creates an eco-friendly image of the company. As it portrays a healthy lifestyle, therefore is perfect for promoting healthy products that are easy on the budget too. Brands related to agriculture, baby care, food industries, finance, health care use different shades of green. It is popular among these kinds of brands. However, it will be a weak choice for fashion, transport and leisure brands.

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