5 tips to improve the quality of a product

quality of a product

This work makes itnecessary to have an absolute knowledge of said product, from its manufacture to its components. And, naturally, it makes it necessary to know the consumer’s mind well.

The quality of the productdepends on the value proposition. From the beginning of a product idea, professionals must know the value chain toimprove the quality of their products. If you know what the value of the product is, changes can be made to improve its quality.

How can the quality of a product be improved?

These are some of the tips you can follow to improve the quality of a product. Below you will find his explanation in detail:

  • Identify customer needs and requirements
  • Streamline internal communication to improve the quality of a product
  • Optimize product demand management
  • Promote training and strengthen technical assistance
  • Take maximum care of the after-sales service
  • Review and define processes
  • Hire specialized staff
  • Review employee training and train them
  • Develop a periodic cleaning plan and a preventive maintenance plan

1) Identify customer needs and requirements

A product must be what the customer needs and is looking for. If you need a cheap product, there is no point in designing the same product and selling twice as much. It is necessary to know what your target customer is looking for and adapt it to their needs, so that they are interested from the very moment andthe product launch is a success.

2) Streamline internal communication to improve the quality of a product

It is necessary to know well all the ins and outs of the product, and also communicate it to the rest of the team tocreate better products. Therefore, internal communication has to bepart of the communication design of a brand. In essence,the gap between market research and production should be minimal. The question is that the relevant information reaches those who are going to design the product as faithfully as possible.

3) Optimize product demand management

Many times thequality of the product is not determined by the product itself, but also by the availability of the product. Imagine that you are in a restaurant and that you are served an hour after ordering. The food may be the best in the world, but no one is going to wait an hour when they’re hungry.

When marketing the product, it is importantto satisfy the demand to increase its perception of quality. The quality of the product is also defined byintangible elements suchas the pride of having it. Managing demand is critical toimproving qualityin the customer’s mind.

4) Promote training to strengthen technical assistance

For any technical, industrial or commercial product, it isimportant that your technical service channel is fully trained. Instructions for use of the product, including training manuals, customer training, and technical support available for the product, must be communicated throughout the value chain.

5) Take maximum care of after-sales service

It is impossible toimprove the quality of a productif it does not have it. If you buy a printer and it doesn’t work, if the company doesn’t offer me a technical service, you won’t buy that brand again.

Companies need good professionals who are capable of not only designing good products, but, if necessary, who are perfectlytrained to improve the quality of a product. This is essential to make a brand be perceived by potential and current customers as a brand that responds and offers quality products.

6) Review and define processes

In order to improve the quality of a product, it is essentialto carry out a review of the processes that are carried out for its manufacture. Alsoof the tools used in creating it. Only with that you can find small bugs to improve that, once corrected, will make the quality of the product better. On the other hand,the definition of these processes can be improved, because some of them may not be sufficiently optimized and need adjustments.

7) Hire specialized personnel

To have a product of the desired quality you have to havespecialized personnel for its manufacture. Only in this way can you optimize processes to the maximum: with employees who have all the necessary skills for its manufacture. In addition,they will also be ableto create innovative products.

8) Review employee training and train them

In addition to having specialized personnel, in order to improve the quality of your products, you have tocontrol the capabilities of each of the employees in charge of manufacturing them. If they don’t have all the necessary ones, the best investment you can make to improve the quality of your products is to train them to acquire the ones they lack. Or toupdate your knowledge. In addition, you will have to do it periodically, because manufacturing systems and processes usually change from time to time.

9) Develop a periodic cleaning plan and a preventive maintenance plan

On many more occasions than it seems,the state of the machines has a lot to do with the final quality of a product. Both its cleanliness and how damaged its parts and components are. That is why we must ensure that they are clean, and in the best possible condition. The first will be achieved throughregular cleaning. The second, throughpreventive maintenance that avoids breakdowns.

In manufacturing any product, a machine will get dirty. Usually, the raw materials that are used will leave residues in them, so they will have to be cleaned periodically. For this,a plan must be drawn up that collects how often each one must be cleaned, andby what methodto do it. You also have to bear in mind that it is likely that you will have to clean them extraordinarily for various reasons on more than one occasion.

As for the maintenance plan for the machines, designedto avoid serious breakdowns and production failures, it will not only improve the quality of the products. It will also generatecost savings. By doing so, it will be possible to discover parts that are beginning to be defective before they break. That is why you canschedule your change. And do it before they are damaged enough to damage the quality of the product they make.

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