6 free tools to analyze the SEO of your website


Search engine optimization is increasingly important to get organic traffic to your website. For this reason, we indicate below several free tools to analyze the SEO of your website, which will allow you to see the points of improvement to climb positions in search engines, mainly in Google.

Page Speed Insight

One way to improve the user experience is to increase the loading speed of your website. Visiting readers want to find the information they need as quickly as possible, and if your website is slow to load from a computer or mobile device, this can cause them to abandon your website. In addition, loading speed is a fundamental factor to improve web positioning or SEO.

One of the best tools to optimize loading speed is Page Speed ​​Insight . Apart from knowing the score of your website compared to others , you will also be able to know the diagnosis and the points of improvement on which you can work.   No registration required.

Broken Link Check

To analyze the SEO of your website, it is also important that you take into account broken links . The Broken Link Check tool tracks all the web pages on your website and generates a list with the broken links found and the type of error (404, timeout, etc.). The free version allows you to analyze up to 2,000 pages .

Varvy SEO Tool

This free tool allows you to carry out an SEO and Social report of your website. Among other factors, you will be able to know the status of the robots.txt file , the optimization of your website on mobile devices, security , accessibility , page speed , the sitemaps file , the images , as well as errors in the HTML code . It is one of the most complete tools to analyze the SEO of your website.

Mobile optimization test

Analyzing if your website is optimized for mobiles is essential. Nowadays, web designs have to be responsive and adapt to all devices . To do the mobile optimization test, you just have to include the url you want to test in the search engine.

SEO audit with Nibbler

If you want to carry out an SEO audit for free , with Nibbler you can carry out a very complete analysis including the URL of your website. You will be able to know your score in accessibility , user experience, social networks, web design , meta tags , internal and external links , etc.


Siteliner is a free tool to analyze the SEO of your website that, apart from analyzing broken links and duplicate content , offers you a comparison of various metrics compared to those of other websites. For example, it compares the average size of the web , the loading speed , the number of words per page and the internal and external links .

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