6 reasons to do an internship abroad

internship abroad

Surely you have ever thought about doing professional internships abroad.If you still have any doubts about the benefits it could bring you on a personal and professional level, we give you six reasons to encourage you to participate in the Mobility Plan:

  1. You will gain experience in a new job.You will improve your resume and that will serve you for later, since you will have more opportunities to get a job.
  2. You will learn tofunction in a multicultural environment, getting to know other customs when working, new work environments and different tools. All thesequalitiesareessentialto develop your professional profile.
  3. You will improve the level of languages.You will have to work in a language other than your own, which will help you improve your oral and written level in a short time.
  4. You will create a large international networking network.We live in an increasingly interconnected world, especially in the workplace. For this reason, it is important to have an agenda of professional contacts that is as broad and diverse as possible. It is likely that at some point they will ask you for references from former bosses or coworkers or even that they themselves help you connect with another company that may be interested in your profile.
  5. You will improve your ability to adapt.Each country is different, so you will have to adapt to each culture: its schedules, food, customs and local way of life.Thanks to this experience you will be able to take on new personal challenges and put aside your fears.
  6. You will be able to travel and meet new people.Getting work experience, meeting new friends, traveling, visiting places you have never been and even going back to that city you liked so much are other reasons to do an internship abroad.

How to look for internships abroad?

One of the best options for internships abroad is the PICE Mobility Plan , whose objective is to expand your opportunities for personal and professional development through a period of practical training, or through employment contracts in any country of the European Union.

Your nearest Chamber of Commerce will offer you training in linguistic and professional skills so that you can function without problems in the country. In this way you can easily adapt to the characteristics of your job and you will be able to communicate with your colleagues from the first day.

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