11 keys to creating your own business


Turning your business dream into a reality is quite a challenge when it comes to entrepreneurship.Therefore, we give you 11 keys to help you in your entrepreneurial adventure.

  1. Reflect on your business idea. Develop a business concept that you are passionate about related to something you have experience and know well. Next, think of a product or service that helps people or makes their lives easier.
  2. Analyze that idea to see if you can make it a reality. Ask yourself these questions: Is the product something that people want or need? Can you make a profit selling it? would it work? If it already exists, can I improve that product or service?
  3. Know your market.Although you have identified your main business interests, you need to continue digging. Evaluate the market to target your target audience and maximize purchase options. Don’t forget to do a competitive evaluation.
  4. Prepare a different and simple business plan. Clearly define what you are going to offer to the market and what your business objectives are. It is important that your business model is easy to explain in order to sell it. You have to go to the concrete.
  5. Set a budget. It is a priority to know how much money you are going to have to set up your company and develop your product or service. Also, make sure you define a marketing plan to sell and position your brand.
  6. Look for financing. You are going to need some type of financial aid when you start, so the best option is to find out about the various public programs to help entrepreneurs .
  7. Determine the legal structure. Learn about the characteristics, the different types of companies and discover what is best for you: being the sole owner, having a partner, a limited liability company, a corporation, a non-profit organization or a cooperative.
  8. Choose a suitable venue. It must adapt to the needs of your business, have a good location and, above all, be accessible to customers.
  9. Provide a unique customer experience so that they identify your company in their mind with specific sensory traits. We recommend that the physical store is decorated and designed in a characteristic way (lights, wall colors, furniture and aromas are elements that will help you win over the customer).
  10. Offer a fast and efficient delivery service.Your business is a work in constant change. If you are agile in the delivery of a product, the customer will appreciate the service and, most likely, will buy from your store again.
  11. Give a correct service to the consumer and maintain permanent contact with the clients. They will feel important and well cared for. You will get them to speak well of you. Interact with your users to reach more potential customers.

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