How to prepare for a job interview

job interview

Therefore, below we will tell you the necessary steps so that you can prepare the different phases of the interview and thus opt for the vacant job.

Research the company offering the position

The first point is the preparation prior to the interview. You must read and document yourself about the company to which you have sent your application. This way you can show the recruiter that you care about the position and the company.

Check your resume

The recruiter will use your resume to decide if you are the most suitable candidate for the position. Therefore, it is important that you review it beforehand to know how to approach the interview. Depending on the vacancy to which you aspire, you must highlight your experience and knowledge in one subject or another. Do not forget to make a list with your strengths and weaknesses, since it is very likely that you will be asked a question on this topic. In this sense, if they ask you about a weakness, take the opportunity to focus on it in a positive way.

Anticipate other possible questions

In many interviews, you may be asked questions about your personality at work and in your private life, as well as about your future aspirations and qualities that might make you the right candidate for the job. These general questions are difficult to answer suddenly, but if you have the answer prepared beforehand, you will feel more comfortable when facing them.

The first impression counts

First impressions are of great importance. Human Resources staff believe that after seeing an applicant walk through the door and seeing the way they shake hands and sit down, they are able to decide on their worth. Therefore, it is advisable to greet with a handshake, smile and look into the eyes, take care of clothing avoiding flashy colors and arrive early. Likewise, it is important to avoid gestures that indicate that you are nervous, such as biting your nails, tapping the pen on the table or moving excessively.

Use professional language

When speaking, watch your language. You must be respectful, serious and professional and at the same time be enthusiastic and motivated about the job.

Answer concretely and honestly

You must answer clearly and concisely, highlighting your training, experience and results through specific examples to generate greater credibility.

Turn around adverse situations

Ifyou don’t have experience, don’t say: “I just finished my studies and I don’t have professional experience”. He reformulates that sentence and say: “I am available to work and willing to put into practice all the knowledge I have acquired in my studies.”

Ask questions about the position

Although the interviewer must have the initiative, it is well appreciated that you ask specific questions about the job, the company or the team where you would join if you were selected.

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