Solutions To The Most Common Reasons For A Site Getting Penalized On Google

Google is responsible for providing the most relevant results for searches. And websites that try to manipulate the results are adversely effecting the core of Google services. Penalties are not a new phenomenon for websites; however, with the latest Google updates, some of the most ethical websites are also dealing with penalties. Google says that search engines generate over 400,000 manual penalties every month. Therefore, companies are forced to seek the assistance of SEO penalty recovery services in order to avoid facing the repercussion of these penalties.

What is a Google Penalty?

Before we get to why you need SEO penalty recovery services, it is important to know what exactly the Google penalty is. It is a punishment against the websites whose content does not align with the marketing practices laid out by Google. You can get penalized by Google as part of its update of ranking algorithm or due to a manual review that suggests you have used black hat tactics to boost your SEO.

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Why you Need SEO Penalty Recovery Services?

Following are the reasons you need to hire SEO Penalty Recovery Services if you have been penalized by Google –

  • Bad Quality backlinks

When you take help from the professionals, they help you find the backlinks determined by Google and, use the right tools to determine the SEO metrics of those links. This way, you can identify the quality of your backlinks and send a request to remove out low-quality and irrelevant links.

  • Algorithmic Penalty

Algorithmic penalties are more challenging to detect because, in this case, you would not get any message from the search console that you have been penalized. You will rather experience a serious drop in traffic. SEO Penalty Recovery Services track algorithm-based penalties to be aware of the Google algorithm updates. They would easily recognize why there is a traffic dip and make the necessary changes on your behalf.

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  • Mobile Efficiency

Websites that are mobile-friendly rank higher than the ones that are not. Mobile-friendly websites include features such as adequate UI elements, faster loading pages, responsive design, etc. Google runs the refreshes of the mobile algorithm only a couple of months, so you won’t be able to recover from the penalty until the refresh is done again, and it then determines that your website has become mobile-friendly. SEO Penalty Recovery Services will detect the issues and work towards making your website mobile-friendly.

Penalties from Google can impact the ranking of your website to a great extent. So, if you get penalized, you need to find the solution as soon as possible. Recovering from Google penalties is not easy, and you need to have the right knowledge & support from the best agency like Infidigit for the same.

This is why companies often take assistance from reliable SEO Penalty Recovery Service providers. SEO penalty recovery experts are well-aware of Google and its algorithms associated with penalties. Therefore, they would be able to identify issues with your websites better and implement recovery strategies more effectively.

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