The Top 5 technologies project managers should be aware of

What does it take for a good project manager to win most of the tasks, if not all? Fortunately, the answer is simple. One must keep up with trending technologies to get a better control of the happenings around one’s project.

Project management is as rewarding a career as it demands the knowledge of the upcoming technologies. Every team member is expected to have expertise in specific skills along with brief knowledge about various other skills. In other words, they become what the agile community likes to call, generalized specialists.

This blog talks about trending technologies that will be of use down the line, requiring project managers to up their game. Once you familiarize yourself with these digital developments, you’re well on your way to becoming a project pundit!

1.Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has existed for a very long time and has served the project management industry in different ways. It is used to automate the iterative information collection process so that human efforts can be utilized on decision-making tasks.

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The idea behind learning AI yourself is to expand the use of its functionalities with your expertise and vision. For instance, AI systems featured in a resource management tool helps resource managers routinely inspect and maintain enterprise wide data at the click of a button. It automates alerts pertaining to skills utilization and scheduling changes, helping you forecast the quantity and quality of resources needed for the projects in the pipeline.

2.Machine Learning

Machine learning slightly differs from artificial intelligence in that it deals with the statistical approach in data collection. Basically, it does not require complex lines of codes but only a simple program that processes the decisions by calculating the probability.

This technology is useful to generate the future possibility of an event during the project by calculating the data fed into the system. Hence, once you understand machine learning you can trigger prompt notifications and accurate forecasts of the project progress.

3.Internet of Things(IoT)

The Internet of Things helps you create a network that automates the communication between devices and users. IoT helps several areas in a project where information is shared or data is transferred. The single biggest benefit from a connected network is quicker response times from a distributed team which ensures projects can stay on track.

Project managers can organize the data into single storage eliminating the siloes using IoT in the project management tool. This capability helps everyone in the team to access the information without wasting time. In fact, project managers working with cross-functional teams and diagonal hierarchies have reported to find the application of IoT very useful, making the case for the 42% spike in IOT applications in 2020 alone!


Blockchain is a distributed ledger which registers each transaction and allows the visibility of information to the users who made the transaction. When public domains are used to store digital information, a structure of blocks connected by links for data transfer is formed. This technology is prominent for many businesses and also for project management.

This process remains secure and prevents any kind of alteration or information leak. To better understand the functioning of blockchain, a project manager would require basic knowledge of IoT which eventually empowers them to conduct secure digital transactions.

5.Data Science

A major reason behind most project successes is a thoroughly planned execution backed by well-researched data. That is where data science finds its application in the project management businesses. This technology is derived by various other technologies i.e. artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive analytics, computer science, etc.

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Data science brings you the pieces of information vital for conducting the various analysis during a project. It will not only be useful for project manager but all the departments working under their leadership.

Project managers with experience have stayed in demand because project management bodies need their expertise to align incoming projects with the business strategy. It is to their advantage to have project managers who are sound in technological knowledge and managerial fundamentals. Such managers can lead the team to success. While sitting exams to add academic badges to your profile is a plus, what counts more are the years of hands on experience and proficiency with trending technologies, such as the ones discussed here!

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Mahendra Gupta is PMP certified in the smart workforce planning and resource management domain. He is the subject matter expert in resource management and workforce planning at Saviom Software. His experience has enabled multinational businesses around the globe to diversify their project portfolio. Follow his work here.

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