7 tips that you should apply to create a Quiz that nobody told you


The posts that we publish on social networks or websitesmust have sufficient capacity to interact with the public and capture their attention. One way to do this is through quizzes.

What is a Quiz?

The Quiz is a toolused to evaluate and measure the knowledge that a person has on a specific topic.It can even be used to determine certain aspects of a person’s personality.

It differs from an exam or questionnaire due to its less formal nature, since it tends to bemore playful and dynamic. Thequizzesare also characterized by using answers that are exclusively for marking, in some cases they may have a time limit to answer them.

But what is most seductive about a quiz is the immediacy in which the results are displayed.

How to make a really eye-catching Quiz?

To develop a Quiz, you mustbe very creative and researchabout the topicyou want to show your audience, because your questions should reflect onlythe most relevant parts of your information,while still sounding interesting to your reader.

1. Pick a good topic

Pick a topic that grabs the attention of your prospects. Your audience does not necessarily have to know the subject perfectly, for something you are doing this test, to instruct them about you. However, it should arouse enough interest to encourage him to take the test.Make sure youknow your audience wellto choose the right topic.

Oncosalud chose a controversial content, which in general always causes intrigue in the reader. And he took advantage of it to inform the relationship between lifestyle and cancer.

2. A creative title

Once you have chosen the topic, make itmore viral, with a title that is capable of generating a trend, remember that at this point you must be very creativeso that what you encourage to take the test.

King Kong San Roque, is a traditional sweets company thattook advantage of its diverse range of productsto develop anattractiveand at the same time educating Quiz for its audience,What type of King Kong that suits you best?, was the title they bet on.

3. Simple and direct style

Use a simple style to make thecontent much more digestible.

  • Questions

The questions should be elaborated in a simple and direct way, so that there is no confusion when answering them. In addition, they will have to be done in order that their answers are of the same style.Avoid ambiguous questions.

  • Answers

The answers must be precise, with no option that they may sound repetitive,remember that it is not an exam, but a Quiz. This may vary if the objective is to award a prize for the best result, only in those circumstances can you increase the difficulty a little, but be careful, only a little.

4. Results

People take a Quiz because it is entertaining, theylearn more about a specific topic and it produces self-satisfaction,since at the end of the test they expect to receive a good result.

This expected rating that you will show your reader should be based on predetermined answers that go according to the number of correct questions. The answers will be created by you, for example, those people who have 1 to 4 correct answers will receive a very different type of conclusion than those who have correct all or most of the alternatives.

5. Increase the performance of your Quiz

You have already captured the attention of your reader with a striking title, they have already made the Quiz, but that’s not all,you must provide them with a complement so that they leave happy, share your content and come back for more. How do we do that?

  • Use links:Like blog posts, your test should also includeinternal and external linksthat can generate more traffic within your website.Thiswill improve your SEO.
  • Use images or gifs:A Quiz can not include images within the text, but it can include images as a cover and when presenting the test results.Accompany your response text with a gif or photo that matches the topic or type of response.
  • Use keywords:The use of keywords isessential for all types of blog posts, whether they are in Quiz format or not. Remember that the use of thesekeywords will improve SEO, since search engines to return results, the first thing they track is the most used keywords.
  • Include CTAs and share buttons:You should always include CTAs that allow readers to advance through thebuyer journeyand improve their experience. Likewise, the share buttons areimportant to increase the interactivity of your post.

6. Use a good program

There is a variety of online software to develop a quiz such asQzzrandPlayBuzz, these will give you an instant result and for this itis necessary to automate thecounting and classification actions. At the end they will also provide you with an embed code to add it to the post.

7. A Quiz makes analysis easier

Being a test that measures the knowledge that people have on a certain topic, itwill help you to better know your audience and its deficiencies. Since in them it will show how much your consumers know about your product or service. In this way, you will be able to know which topic is still lacking among your clients and reinforce it.

Follow each advice provided step by step and start including good Quiz within your campaigns.Attract, entertain and educate your audience in a fun way. What are you waiting for?

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