How to Rock an Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical Bob

Modern styles call for classic hairstyles to complement them. Bobs have been there for a while and may seem like a traditional hairstyle. While this is true, asymmetrical bob makes a whole difference. It gives the wearer a perfect look when done by an experienced stylist.

Asymmetrical styles give you a fresh, modern look. It can be styled in various ways that would make everyone around envious. If you love being colorful, an asymmetrical bob can be dyed to add fun. Let us look at incredible tips for making yours stand out:

Your asymmetrical bob does not have to be plain. If you are looking to have a complete hair make-over, you may want to try adding some color. After the bob has been styled, it is time to choose your preferred color to create a trendy new look.

  • Angle It

Bob has one side longer than the other. To make it look attractive, cut it in gradual lengths. The consistent transitioning gives it a neat look, unlike when some parts are suddenly cut deep. Give it nice angles to give you all the attention for your rocking style.

  • Rock it with Bangs

Scissors are handy when making an asymmetrical bob. Ask your stylist to snip the hair along your forehead to create a chic fringe. Snipping will create straight-across bangs. This style is becoming popular in social media. It is ideal for people planning to be visible in these circles.

  • Tuck it Behind Your Ears

Imagine trying to show off your hairstyle, and it goes unnoticed. Well, that can be disappointing, especially when you spend a lot of time creating it. When done in a smooth consistency, it can be challenging to notice your uneven edges. Tuck one of the sides of your bob behind your ears. It will show an attractive difference to your short hair.

  • Wear it with a Deep Side Part

Bobs are commonly parted at the center to achieve much-needed hair fullness. According to LoveHairStyles, to make your asymmetrical bob look stunning, style it with a deep side part. This design is more attraction driving. The longer side of your bob becomes notable as it compliments your overall appearance.

  • Style it with Waves

Most people rarely experiment with their bobs with waves. Instead of going for the usual straight, make your asymmetrical bob wavy. Hair products for helping your waves hold for long are available. Check the quality ones to enjoy flaunting your new look without having your hair getting messy.

  • Add Volume

Volume is everything when it comes to asymmetrical bobs. The best thing about the bob is that you can add volume to your bob regardless of your hair type. The trick is using quality hair products to help you with this style. It gives you an elegant look that keeps heads turning wherever you go.

  • Accent it with Razored Ends

Because an asymmetrical bob has unequal lengths, it is easy to think of it as a style that is hard to keep neat. On the contrary, the style is easy to keep looking clean. After styling, it is prudent to ask your stylist to use a razor to cut its ends. The results are an edgy asymmetrical bob that can hardly go unnoticed.

  • Make it Look Sleek and Shiny

A new hairdo will look odd if it is not given an excellent finish. It may even look a bit old even when you are fresh out from your stylist’s shop. Why not make yours sleek and shiny? Use the good hair oil to make your asymmetrical bob literally shine. Hair oil makes your hair elegant and achieves the look you admire.

  • Fake it

Do you like wearing a bob but are not willing to cut your hair? Don’t feel bad. You can still rock this style by faking. You can either pin your ends after flipping them on the underside or tucking it into your collar. It seems like a silly trick, but everyone else, including the celebrities, is faking the bob.

Why are you not rocking with this hairdo? Now that you have tips for making it stunning visit your stylist today and let, they know how you want your asymmetrical bob done. Remember to invest in quality hair products to keep your bob looking amazing.

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