Benefits of Finding an Accommodation Closer to your Workplace in Bangalore

Finding an Accommodation

Bangalore is known as the ‘Silicon Valley’ of the country and true to its reputation, is home to many IT firms and related organizations. With the city being a major job center for the country, it houses many young working professionals with little to no experience of living on their own. The allure of low rent in an expensive city like Bangalore leads many of them to live in localities very far from their workplace. While this seems like the natural course of things, it can be a huge hassle to commute long distances to your office daily. Alternative accommodations like professionally managed PG in Bangalore can be the perfect solution to this problem, which is rampant in the city. Living closer to your workplace can also help you financially, mentally, and physically. Here’s how:

Avoid Long Commutes

Anyone familiar with the roads of Bangalore knows how bad it gets during peak rush hours with the tarmac completely packed with vehicles and traffic moving at a snail’s pace. The famous Bangalore traffic has been referenced in memes and pop-culture alike. A lot of young professionals like yourself spend hours stuck in traffic in crowded public transport facilities, exhausting yourself physically and mentally. A long morning commute not only affects your productivity at work but the thought of the ride back home after a long day at work fills you up with dread. For one, it takes away most of your free time. Next, an interminable metro or bus ride home does not sound like the best way to relax after toiling hard at work all day. Living in a professionally managed PG accommodation or Hostel in Bangalore closer to your workplace will do wonders for your productivity and mental health.

Conserve Time And Money

It is pretty obvious that you will save a lot of time if you live closer to your workplace but money is the most significant reason why people choose to commute long distances to work. However, most people don’t realize that time is money and the time you spend in your daily commute can be used to do something that mints money, like picking up a new skill which can be monetized or freelancing in your spare time. The money you spend in uncomfortable commutes can be used to invest in your other hobbies or interests. A popular adage goes-‘Time is Money’, and living in accommodation closer to your workplace gives you the chance to save both. The extra time can also be spent with your friends and loved ones; in short, a win-win situation for you.

Health Benefits

Apart from the time you save that can be spent on healthy activities like working out and preparing your meals, living closer to your workplace can cut down your exposure to pollution and contagious diseases. You can ride a bicycle or walk to work for added health benefits and without the exhaustion of a commute; you will also stay relatively stress-free. It will also allow you to catch up on more sleep and rest, leaving you energetic and productive.

Professionally managed accommodations are an ideal fit for most of us who are new to the city, considering these are ready to move in places that offer ample space and privacy while taking care of daily needs like food, laundry, housekeeping, etc. Some of the popular managed accommodation options like Stanza Living are located close to industrial parks and commercial centers around the city where most organizations have their premises, making them an ideal choice for young professionals like you.

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