FamiSafe, the parental control app

FamiSafe, the parental control app


Everyone began using the smartphone to access info, entertainment, and more with the modern digital world’s development. Indeed, the new generation of children with a comprehensive view of technology has increased in parents. Toddlers and young people have also used smartphones and tablets. Almost all of the schools were incorporated into the college curriculum with technologies like computers and tablets. There is also a greater risk of cyberbullying with fair use of internet resources. It is our responsibility to avoid cyberbullying for our children. 1/5 of children underwent cyberbullying, according to a study. The selection of the FamiSafe is one of the best decisions to ensure your children’s safety and protect your records. FamiSafe is the most trustworthy parent control app and for both iPhone and Android devices. Wondershare FamiSafe enables the parents to monitor the computer’s time, detect any defective material, and track the real-time location.

Explain the excellent features for managing children’s iOS or Android devices

The FamiSafe parental control app comes with new features as an all-around way to protect your family. Here are the features that FamiSafe offers you a better understanding.

Track phone activities

Monitor the privacy of your system for all your children’s appliances every day. With this Famisafe parental control app, parents can monitor app activity on their Android devices. This app will give you a complete report on all newly installed and removed apps and the amount of time spent on any application, and how applications you use each day.

Monitoring and blocking the app

Without realization, gaming apps and social media will take your child hours away. This feature helps to control the time your children spend on the computer is significant to take note of. You can see in this parental control app how long children spend on each app. It also allows you to set a specific time for particular applications.


The World Wide Web offers children a whole new world of knowledge. It can go south very quickly if they are not tested. One of the best parent monitoring tools, the FamiSafe app, lets you block groups of acceptable and acceptable websites. The FamiSafe parental control app gives you access to your browser’s deleted history, ensuring you always keep your child secure.

Parental warnings

This app provides you with parental control and parental warnings. This app does not let your kids get in contact with the negative side of the Internet. Detect troubling social media application content. FamiSafe features involve raising a red flag if unusual images are found.

Family Locator

It is just as necessary to track your child’s geographic presence to verify the location in real-time. The family locator lets you see your child’s past location to ensure that you do not keep a malicious organization. 

Scheduling Screen Time

As mentioned earlier, it is essential to track your child’s amount of time in front of the track. To achieve an intelligent schedule in some regions, the FamiSafe, the parental control app is a good idea. This way you can keep track of the app’s daily usage. The app helps to attain more productivity and less distraction.

Steps for using the FamiSafe app

FamiSafe Parental control is easily installed and regulated! Three simple steps help you to make it work:


You will need to register on the website or Google Play Store or App Store with a FamiSafe account. One thing to remember here is that you must first download it on your computer if you register in the program.


After registering into the website, then go to either Google Play Store or App Store or Amazon AppStore and search FamiSafe there. Once you get the app install it on your device. Then using a QR scanner scan the QR code from the website. When done, write your email address and press send. A link will be sent to your email id. Open the link on any of our devices and the app will be downloaded there. 

This way you can download the app on various devices and can make sure that your kid practices cultivated healthy digital habits. If your child deletes the application by mistake, you will receive a warning of disconnect, which will make the app safe.


The FamiSafe software allows you to monitor almost all of your home’s gadgets. All devices in a FamiSafe dashboard app or the web portal can be linked and handled.

Plans for pricing

FamiSafe gives a wide range of offers in its pricing. FamiSafe App makes it simple for you to select the best plan for the FamiSafe account. On Google Play Shop and App Store, you can easily download the parental control apps “FamiSafe.” Below you can select the plans and packages:






9.99 /month


6.66 /month

Connect up to

5 devices per account

30 devices per account

10 devices per account



Billed annually at $59.99

Billed quarterly at $19.99


It’s essential to put behind the bullying and online harassment shackles as we transition into the modern world of change. Get the FamiSafe Parental Control app today to protect your children and give them a good picture of what to stay away from.

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