How to choose the best contract management software

contract management

As has been made clear in our latest articles, employment contracts are one of the key elements in the proper functioning of a company and, together with payroll, one of the most complex tasks that the human resources manager must face. That is why today we bring the 5 key points that the perfect contract management software for your company must meet.

How to choose the ideal software to manage contracts in your company.

Document storage in the cloud

This is one of the key points that all contract software must comply with; the ability to store all employee contracts in it so that we can easily access them when needed and wherever we are.
It is useless to make an effort to digitize the company if then the documents only exist on paper. In addition, it is important that, when choosing the program, we inform ourselves of possible maximum storage quotas so that they adapt to our needs. Remember that the company must save all the contracts of an employee and their novations, so the storage must be ample or offer the possibility of being increased.

Intuitive and easy to use

Labor law is already a complex issue, so it is better to choose a software that is easy to use, with which you can create and update employment contracts in a few minutes and with which you know at all times the possible changes that occur. have made or what is their end date.
The purpose of the software should be to help you with your tasks and optimize the time you spend on your employees’ documents as much as possible, so its mode of use must also be efficient.

Up to date with the legislation

If we are talking about contracts we talk about many laws to take into account and it is easy for some to be overlooked, in addition to also taking into account the laws relating to the agreements that apply in each case. That is why it is convenient that the software is updated and kept up to date with the new laws that may arise and affect the documents created with it.
Simply receiving a notice in the mail advising you of the changes that the human resources department must make can save you a lot of headaches.

Automatic sync

There is nothing more important to task optimization than process automation. We have already commented that the contract software must be easy to use and notify us of any legal incident that may arise, but if it is also in charge of notifying the authorities of all the registrations and cancellations that affect it automatically, the program will have achieved save you several hours of work. Sounds great right?

Security and privacy

Of course, when talking about such sensitive personal data, we cannot forget about security and privacy. A software of these characteristics must comply with the strictest security standards to guarantee the privacy of its users and the security of the stored data. Keep in mind that the information included in an employment contract is very sensitive and therefore must be very well protected.

Factorial Legal, the new online software for contract management

This week, from Factorial, the new contract creation and management program has been launched;Factorial Legal.
With this software you can quickly create contracts and update them in a matter of seconds. Each of them will be reflected in the employee’s profile and, you can also upload the PDF version in the Documents section.

Thanks to the database from which the new program is nurtured, creating new contracts will only take a few minutes, since many of the fields will be filled in automatically based on the information you have already completed.

In addition, the softwarenotifies the administrations automatically each time a contract is createdfor the employee to be registered and the same when the contract expires. The software will notify the human resources manager and he or she will be able to carry out the pertinent actions, notify of a renewal or completely terminate the employment relationship with the employee. With access to the information they contain, the creation of payroll will also become something simple and fast since the program will take the necessary information to make the quotes, etc. of the data of each employee, thus making payroll management a task of a few hours when previously you could lose several days.

With Factorial Legal, in addition, youwill also acquire theFactorial HRhuman resources management software forfree, with which you can synchronize all the information of the employees, such as their vacations or medical leave, so that it is not only reflected in their personal profiles , also on your payroll.

Like all Factorial services, it alsocomplies with all data protection law requirements,having recently updated the protocols and increased the level of encryption of our database and communications between servers. Factorial now meets HIPAA requirements, the strictest standard for companies dealing with medical and confidential data in the United States.

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